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sewing hairsticks

The otter is actually a piece of cherry picture jasper that I bought from fabricdragon (correct me on the stone if I got it wrong please!) and some base metal bead caps on a rosewood stick.

The sewing hairsticks are actually the largest needle that I could find, a rosewood stick, and the smallest wood spool I could find with some blue silk thread wound on it.

Day 7982

May. 22nd, 2011 10:43 am
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For most of the past week I've been a zombie- I don't know what's going on with me much. I feel like I have been plenty active... and chores and everything have gotten done... but mentally I feel like I've been vacant.

Part of this, I'm sure, comes from being a little obsessed with getting into rebinding books. I've been zoning out on the internet looking for the things I will need to do the projects I am envisioning. I also can't seem to pull it together with materials.
Babbling about books )

On the hairsticks, I have discovered that I need a larger bead cap to wrap around the bottom of the otter stone. Grumble.

Today I have planned to finish my book press and make pies. Specifically, a strawberry pie and a blueberry dream pie- owing to the fact that I bought several cups of strawberries and blueberries Friday for $2. (Working in a grocery has distinct advantages!)

Day 7727

Apr. 7th, 2011 07:05 pm
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Butterfly by Quecraft: $7.80

butterfly hairstick

I also got this one from Ebay- and the craftsmanship is amazing! A unique and unusual hair stick for your beautiful hair.

Organic buffalo horn
Eco-friendly, all-natural and 100% real organic
Individually hand carved and polished with great care
One of a kind piece of Art
Smooth and shiny finish
6.30” (16cm) L. x 1.77” (4.5cm) W. (sizes are approximate due to the handcrafted nature)

This is the last of my hairstick mania for a little while.
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The table, refinished!


and... new hair pretties by Mei Fa.

honey hairsticks

Honey by Mei Fa

These are one of the pairs I decided to replace my lost Mei Fas with. I just love the brown tones- brown is highly underrated! I thought about trying to replace the actual sticks and decided that I'm not even the same person I was in my 20s and the sticks I want to wear on a daily basis aren;t the same either.
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Egg: This very large lampwork focal is stunning, it has a little bit of dichroic in a mauve/pink and is blue/green with gold accents. It is egg shaped and measures about 1 1/4" by 1".

Rabbit: This is a very nice hand carved 100% BOXWOOD NETSUKE, CORDS HOLES & ARTIST SIGNED. ( There are no cracks and no chips.) SIZE :2"

easter bun

They're kind of heavy so it's a good thing that I have lots of hair!
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A new pretty for my collection:

by Hanssen Studios

This is a whimsical broomstick hair stick made for Gretchen for the upcoming Halloween season. It is entirely made from wood with a bleached wenge handle and a carved yellowheart broom "bound" with a sterling silver wire. The two pieces are attached with a sterling silver nail embossed with our logo.

The handle is about 6 inches, 153 mm, long and the piece measures about 7.5 inches, 195 mm, in length overall.

In other words, it's bigger than I thought it would be! It's a great piece though and I'm looking forward to wearing it.
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Just look what came in my swap package today!

oriental fayepurple

Plus the partial of Storyville I was swapping for- I feel totally spoiled!
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Sweetness of Love Caffeine Molecule Hair Sticks:

Another custom set by Nightblooming.

Sweetness of Love 1

sweetness of love 2

sweetness of love 3

sweetness of love 4

The discovery of coffee is sometimes ascribed to goats. Coptic monks, who are compelled to observe a strict religious order of overnight prayers, notice that goats that had nibbled the leaves and fruit of wild coffee shrubs became excited and could not sleep at night. Thus, the monks follow the goats and, although they do not really like the taste of the leaves and bean, they are greatly satisfied with their unusual effect.

Another, more poetic legend has Arabic origins: the first cup of this beverage was served to Muhammad by the Archangel Gabriel. The drink has an amazing effect. Right away Muhammad mounts his stallion, defeats forty knights in tournament, and lets forty Arabic ladies "taste the sweetness of love."

This pair, decorated in in homage to this most favoured beverage, may just give you a bit of a boost.

Built upon east indies ketylo rosewood, this hair pair is topped with a double row of silver pewter and a coffee-bean shaped glass bead. Sprouting from the top of one is a caffeine molecule from molecularmuse, a spiraling orb of blown glass on the other.

The pair has an overall length of 6 inches and a usable length of 4.75 inches.

Snowdrop Flower Hair Stick:

Another custom stick by Nightblooming.

Snowdrop 1

Snowdrop 2

Snowdrop 3

In Neil Gaiman's novel Stardust, Dunstan Thorn and subsequently his son Tristran carry a glass snowdrop that chimes when held. The flower has a very small, but pivitol role in the story.

When Dunstan crosses over the Wall and into Stormhold he finds a market, and a booth wherein a woman is selling glass flowers.

Dunstan put his hand in his pocket and pulled out his kerchief. He could no longer look at the woman. He tumbled out his money onto the counter. "Take enough for this," he said, picking a pure white snowdrop from the table.

"We do not take money at this stall." She pushed the coins back toward him.

"No? What will you take?" For by now he was quite agitated, and his only mission was to obtain a flower for ... for Daisy, Daisy Hempstock ... to obtain his flower and to depart, for, truth to tell, the young lady was making him exceedingly uncomfortable.

"I could take the color of your hair," she said, "or all of your memories before you were three years of age. I could take the hearing from your left ear-not all of it, just enough that you'd not enjoy music or appreciate the running of a river or the soughing of the wind."

Dunstan shook his head.

"Or a kiss from you. One kiss, here on my cheek."

"That I'll pay with goodwill!" said Dunstan, and with that he leaned across the stall, amid the twinkling jingling of the crystal flowers, and planted a chaste kiss on her soft cheek.

This diminutive flower could have been the one plucked from that very same stall. Built upon a Ketylo Tahitian Jadewood dymondwood stick which acts as a stem, this tiny work of art is crowned by a peridot green leaf and a vine of green glass beads. Most glorious of all, however, is the nodding head of the snowdrop flower itself, built from pressed Czech glass and epoxied together.

This stick has an overall length of 6 inches and a usable length of 4.75 inches.
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Built on a white bone spiral stick, this is the companion hairstick to the Christmas tree. It has a matching silver bead cap topped with a crystal 6mm Swarovski bicone and a 20mm Swarovski Snowflake. It looks a little yellow in the picture but it's clear as ice should be.


Sep. 14th, 2009 10:56 pm
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My love affair with hair jewels began quite a long time ago- at a science fiction convention in Kentucky. There was a woman selling hairsticks in the huxter room. I don't remember her name but she was vivacious and jovial, dressed in bright colours like an exotic bird and she wore her own bejeweled hairsticks in her masses of chestnut hair. Her displays were are creative as she was- beautiful bowls full of rice bristling with jewels of every colour. The year was about 1985, as I recall and, having researched it, I am pretty sure they were Mei Fa sticks.

I bought two pairs of beautiful sticks- one in blue and one in lavender- and I have no idea where they are now. I wish I did! She also had a carved jade set that was asymmetrical- one large flower and one simple slender bead. I could in no way afford it but I have never forgotten them.

Later- at a very bad and poor time in my life- I made myself another pair from chopsticks with a pocket knife and sandpaper. They were not ornamented and had a simple ball of wood above the main stick. I don't know where those are now either. Perhaps I gave them all away when I cut all my hair off. Foolish wren!

As my hair began to get longer, I began to think about getting another pair of hairsticks. I got a pair of simple wooden sticks that might as well have been chopsticks for all the shape they had and then I ordered a pair with jade balls to match my jade jewelry from ebay. Amusingly, I rarely wear my jade jewelry... but I wear those poor hairsticks almost every day now.

Since I currently have a job that hair jewelry is about the only jewelry I can wear (it's not prohibited, it just gets in my way) and since I have discovered Etsy and the huge range of beautiful hairsticks, I have garnered a bit of a collection. For my own purposes and because I am just that type of person, I want to catalog them here.

Babbling about hairsticks with pictures. You do not have to read further. Really. Totally unnecessarily long post. )


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