Apr. 4th, 2011

Day 7730

Apr. 4th, 2011 05:56 am
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Weekend was a mixed bag- some was pretty good and some was not at all good. Just at the moment, I feel quite forlorn but I will probably get better as the day goes on.

I did manage to strip, refinish and mend the table this weekend. I expected it to take less time than it did but I did get it finished and the table looks better, Not perfect, there's a burn and some staining on the top I was not able to get rid of, but better.

I also managed to henna my hair and learn some new buns (youtube ftw) and get some cleaning done. What I did not manage to do was finish the library curtain. I'm going to try and get something done on it tonight as well as post pics of the table.

Now that I have the table done, I'm looking at the chairs avariciously- I'll probably have to do some yard work for mom next weekend but they're smaller and don't have to come apart. They also have a lot more layers of paint/varnish. We'll see how good this stripper really is!

Late last week we changed out most of the lighting in the house to the energy effecient daylight bulbs- it's amazing how much better I can see with these!

I have some new hair pretties on the way and the first set of them should be here today. I'm quite impatient- I didn't realize, when I ordered them, that the people I was ordering from were all in Israel and China. Bother- overseas shipping takes forever, it seems. Anyway, the first pair ought to life me a bit out of this funk I'm in.

I tried the Truffle wine that the clerk in the liquor store showed me- not worth it. I don't taste any chocolate- I'll be sticking to the Red Decadence which is lovely stuff.

And I am having a hard time getting LJ to update- what's with that?
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The table, refinished!


and... new hair pretties by Mei Fa.

honey hairsticks

Honey by Mei Fa

These are one of the pairs I decided to replace my lost Mei Fas with. I just love the brown tones- brown is highly underrated! I thought about trying to replace the actual sticks and decided that I'm not even the same person I was in my 20s and the sticks I want to wear on a daily basis aren;t the same either.
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why can't I update a post?

I'm trying to update my master list of hairsticks and it won't save! Anybody have any ideas or advice?


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