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The rest of the photos are here

I'm pretty happy with everything except the edge gilding. I think I am getting better!

Day 1568

Aug. 17th, 2011 06:22 am
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This is starting out to be one of those days... Two of my four cats have already been sick- one of them twice.

I have not heard anything from the library yet so I have no idea if I'm going to be able to borrow that book or not.

I need more gold leaf and paper... which I may not be able to get until Saturday. I'm going to try for a lunch hour run today, I think.

I experimented on a paperback with edge gilding... and it came out very well. Naturally the subsequent trial on The Flying Yorkshireman didn't please me as much. None the less, I'm going to see about working the cover tonight- provided that the rest of the day is not one of those "tear your hair out at every turn" days. If it is, I'd best keep my hands off the books tonight!

My ebay auction for charity did not go very high- I may have to do that again- but what it did bring I have already sent on. It will be a day or two before I can mail the package off, however. Thank you to everyone who bid!

I notice that, as few comments as I get here, I don't get any at Dreamwidth or Wordpress. No matter- I keep my journal for myself, not for comments.

Hopefully I will be able to take and post pictures tonight!

Day 1570

Aug. 15th, 2011 05:25 am
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There is a moratorium on edge gilding until I have a couple of items... and if at all possible, have read a couple more texts. Cover gilding, I may or may not wait on as well- I haven't decided. It's not the binding that's difficult- it's the decoration.

Either way, it means that there will be fewer pretty pictures for a little while.

On top of that, I have designated this afternoon to picking peaches and this evening to printing, so I've got to make the bindary wait in all events.

Day 1571

Aug. 14th, 2011 07:25 am
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I would still be in bed except that the dog had to go out and has not come back in yet. Brat dog.

The refridgerator door broke yesterday- the piece that holds everything on the shelf. I'm hoping I can get a replacement part for it or glue it back together- I really don't want to McGuyver this. I can look at PartsDirect.com... but not for another hour or so- they're down for maintenance.

I did get the paper rack built yesterday- out of an old picture frame, cup hooks and dowels. It's quite functional and looks pretty good! I'm very excited to be getting some pretty pretty end paper to fill it up with.

I went by the library yesterday and put in a request for an inter-library loan for A Craftman's Guide to Edge Decoration for Bookbinding by John Mitchell. I'm still having no little problem with my edge decorating and this third copy of The Flying Yorkshireman has a different edge treatment than I have done before- I really don't want to get it wrong!

And the dog is still not in- an hour later. Since I have such an early start to the day- abet unwilling- I mixed up two part epxoy and I'm attempting to mend the fridge door piece, a coffee cup that's been mended before- the handle broke off and somehow whatever I mended it with before suddenly turned loose yesterday and my caffine molecule hairstick- again. I've also started an extra load of laundry that includes Bitsy's bed and finished up the handwashed dishes.

Now I think I'll start on the third copy of The Flying Yorkshireman. I have so many pictures of the process that, unless I do something radically different, I'm only going to be posting pictures of the finished book before and after gilding. But the first thing that I need to do is print it... onward!

Day 1572

Aug. 13th, 2011 08:07 am
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I had a fairly lovely birthday- I spent most of it finishing the second copy of The Flying Yorkshireman in peace and quiet.

Yesterday I had to spend quite awhile uninstalling a bunch of things that Emily had slimed my computer with. I'm pretty sure I have not gotten them all.

I'm running an ebay austion right now and all the proceeds are going to go to a friend who is having legal troubles with her ex- I think he's trying to break her! I'll throw in a bit more of my own money but I don't have too much right now.

In spite of that, I treated myself to several sheets of nice paper for end papers- I need to build a storage rack for them so they don't get messed up before I use them. I also had a nice email from Regina St John at Chena River. I had enquired about a particular specialty paper that they had on their website and she told me they still had three sheets of it- so I asked for all three of them! I don't have current plans for it but it's so pretty I'm sure I will have a book that needs just that for an end paper at some point.

I'm playing with the new leather I got to bind the third copy of Flying Yorkshireman. It's calf... but very different from the other calf I had. I really need to find a supplier that is inexpensive and has a consistent type of leather- right now every piece I get behaves differently from every other one and it's hard to adjust since I am still learning!

Ok- I need to get the cat and the laundry in and get us out to do chores before the heat of the day hits.
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Your result for The Sorting Hat: A Comprehensive Harry Potter Personality Assessment [Test/Quiz]...


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and from last night. I started working on The Flying Yorkshireman copy 2 while I was waiting on people to come to dinner... and I kept going on it this morning. You can see all the progress pictures here )

Since I can't work any more on it today, I'm going to run an errand and then come home and nap and quilt.

Day 1575

Aug. 10th, 2011 06:24 am
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I took today off. It's Emily's first day of school so I'm going to take her to school and then come home and work on either my quilt or my copy of Flying Yorkshireman, I still have not decided which.

I did work on the book some last night and I'll post pictures of my progress so far when I get home.


Aug. 8th, 2011 09:23 pm
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I am NOT happy with this decoration job.


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The first copy is done except for the decoration on the cover!

I forgot to take a picture of gluing on the super (linen), rounding and backing the spine- I'll try to remember next time!

Lots of pictures )

Day 1578

Aug. 7th, 2011 07:10 am
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There is a nap on the agenda for today. I woke up at 5 and tried to go back to sleep... then my clock went off at 5:30... I turned it off and tired to go back to sleep... and the dog went off at 5:45. Okay, okay! I'm up already!

Last night was good. I made Tuscan chicken and 80s and I watched Source Code. That's a disturbing movie on one level. Seeing him in the tank was really very upsetting to me although I'm not sure why.

Before the movie, 80s helped me do some work on my backing and brass edged boards. I have a little cutting to finish which I'll do sometime today. I'm also planning on doing some work on my book and quilting so I'm looking forward to a very nice day!

Day 1579

Aug. 6th, 2011 07:46 am
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The problem with hanging clothes on the clothes line instead of throwing them in the dryer is that they are so much slower to dry and laundry takes all day! I still plan to finish the laundry today- weather permitting.

I'm also planning to do the recyling, balance the books and make Tuscan chicken for dinner.

I notice that I can balance my books in half an hour... maybe I should go to Washington and show them how!

The rest of the weekend I plan to quilt. I may work a little on bookbinding but I'm a bit stalled by needing to cut down my boards. I'm having trouble whipping up enthusiasm for that. Plus I need to get this quilt done so I can get to work on Granny's quilt for Emily. I haven't even started it and I want to have it done well before she is 16... and I'm running out of time!

Day 1581

Aug. 4th, 2011 06:11 am
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Emily's dentist appointment went well Tuesday- no cavities and the only thing that might need to be addressed is a slight overbite. They were going to refer me to an orthodontist for her but I pointed out that there is no way I can afford to take her so there is no point. If it was affecting her health, I would find a way but this is so slight it is not even affecting her looks.

I finished sewing the first copy of The Flying Yorkshireman together and I'm going to try to back and bind it this weekend. I also have the second copy printed out and I'll try and work on that as well. My book press is smaller than I would like so I'm going to have to cut down my backing boards by about an inch- not very happy about that!

Pictures here! )

That last picture is of just how little thread I had left over when I finished sewing. Don't ask me how I judged it so closely!

I'm also considering entering anyone lived in a pretty how town in the country fair this year and possibly the state fair next year- depending on how it does at county.

Day 1584

Aug. 1st, 2011 06:42 am
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Emily and I did get to see Harry Potter in IMax-3D yesterday- for free on Harry's birthday :) Yes, I thought it was really very good.

We also ended up getting free fries when we went to lunch (we ordered them and then they didn't ring them up and when I asked for them anyway, they didn't charge us)

And we found five pairs of slacks for her to wear to school that fit and only need hemming as soon as I have seen them each one on her (to make sure that none of them is mis-labled).

And then I talked to zenkitty until after bedtime.

That was a day full of win!
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LiveJournal is currently up, but experiencing some temporary issues. You may encounter occasional site slowness, pages failing to load or returning error 503, and error 500 when attempting to post long entries and pictures. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Um, yeah- this is part of why I felt it necessary to migrate.

Yesterday was one of those days. Emily and I went shopping for a few things, took in the recycling and went to see Harry Potter.

Not that we got to see Harry Potter, understand... just as we got to the second theatre (the first one only had one showing and that was at 10pm in 2D) a violent thunderstorm hit. So we ran in, bought tickets for the next 3D showing and decided that, in spite of the cost we would just have our lunch before the movie there as we had about two hours to wait. We were going to have pizza and cheesesticks... but the oven weas having problems. Emily got her pizza, I eventually got my pizza mostly done but they couldn't convince the oven to make our cheese sticks. After 45 minutes, I told the girl to go ahead and refund me and don't worry about it- the poor thing was so stressed because by now none of the registers were working properly.

Ok, so no chesesticks.

So we sat down to wait unti l the movie started- the power was being a little bit iffy.. and then the movie screens started failing. Someone approached us and told us it would be several hours at least before they could get any of the films up and running again and gave us two free passes to come back another time. We went and got a refund for our tickets and left.

Ok... so we stopped to pick up perishables on the way home and I decided that since I couldn't have Harry Potter, I would get us some ice cream. Well, but the store we were at was out of Cinnamon Bun ice cream... ok, so O'Charley's Caramel Pie... nope, out of that too. We ended up getting ice cream sandwiches.

And I had to stop to pick up Mom's vodka for her... and some Evil wine to use making dinnner. Only the liquor store was out of Evil- they said they hadn't been able to get it in some time. So I got a different inexpensive merlot.

So we get home and it's rained on the towels I had on the clothesline. So rewash them and dry them in the dryer. Emily got stung by a wasp while she was trying to help me- not bad but I went to look for wasp spray to kill the nasty beasts that hurt my daughter... and I'm out of wasp spray.

I start dinner and I'm out of beef stock... and almost out of garlic.

80s came out for an apology visit. He claims that he doesn't remember anything about the night before and spent the night saying I'm sorry in most of the ways it's possible to. I wish I could forget unpleantness as easily as that!

And my beautiful zenkitty called- I am going to call her back today because I had to get off long before I wanted to. Man, I love that girl!

After 80s went home (at a decent hour for once) I watched the first part of Deathly Hallows and quilted some. And I also got the house clean and did a bit of sewing on my practice book... so the day was not a total loss but I still wonder which god I pissed off!

Day 1587

Jul. 29th, 2011 08:04 pm
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I suppose everyone knows how much garbage has been going on with LiveJournal. I wasn't happy when they moved to Russia and I'm even more irritated now. So much so that I have moved. I will still be updating LJ but I will be cross-posting to DreamWidth and to WordPress. If anyone is on either, please let me know or add me so I can add you back!

All in all, I like Wordpress better for a lot of things. It allows me to make pages that are not journal entries and can be viewed at any time. This is very useful for things like my Quilting page, Bookbinding and my wishlist... I'm also going to be adding a Story page and a House Tour and I am thinking of adding all my recipes as a set of pages so they will be easily findable. The only bad thing is I can either post for everyone to read or I can post for no one to read but there do not seem to be filters to allow only certain people who might want to to read. Since most of that is taken care of by the pages, I can live with that.

Today I had a half a day at work- owing to the new program that means I can't cut fruit ahead and the guys must cut on the weekend. This only takes me until about 11 am and I am still scheduled all day cutting fruit on Fridays- so when I got done, I came home. This is not a bad thing since I still have lots of cleaning up to do from moving. I've also been doing laundry and hanging it out on the line. I don't prefer line dried clothes but it is certainly cheaper!

I got my book press yesterday- Yay! It's smaller than I thought it would be so I'm going to have to use my brass edged boards sideways... and come up with something creative to deal with trimming pages. I also got my sewing frame set up and all the first set of signatures punched and ready to sew. Pictures to follow...

Emily cleaned her room (without being told!) Monday so we will be going to see Harry Potter tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it!

By the way, if you are thinking of trying the Walmart knock-off of FrontLine- save your money. It doesn't work and poor Bitsy will have to have another flea treatment tomorrow.

To finish off- Emily and I often drive past a farm that now has lamas. Mom says the owners are planning to get up a traveling petting zoo- I don't know how that's going to go over... but we are enjoying seeing them out in the pasture. I always make Emily laugh with comments about things being 'lama-litious' and 'lama-larious' as we drive past. I mean, this is fun! We have lamas practically in our backyard now.

Day 1590

Jul. 26th, 2011 06:55 am
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My book press should be here by tomorrow- Yay!!

I'm still working on The Flying Yorkshireman and the re-editing thereof. The more I read through this book, the more I am convinced that these are not children's stories. The new program is working like a dream- even if I did have to figure out a couple of things... like I need to set the booklet length to 32 for it to print 8 pieces of paper and the pages have to be reinserted in the order they came out.

Em's school supply shopping is done- now we have to find somewhere that carries pants in her size that aren't low riders. I get very sick of the too tight, too low, too sexy clothes for teens and children. They're children, not streetwalkers, for heaven's sake!

Emily wants a laptop for birthday/Christmas so she can carry all her manuscripts with her. I'm inclined to think this is a good idea... but then we'll have to clone whichever word processing program she likes best onto it. I'm so not interested in paying another $100 or so for another copy of anything.

Day 1592

Jul. 24th, 2011 01:36 am
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Yesterday (today still for me since I am still up!) was not really a good day. I did take a nap and things got better after it.

Why bad? I discovered that my proof reading skills are somewhat lacking and I have to proof The Flying Yorkshireman again. And fix it. And then I was looking at having to re-print, re-scan, re-edit, add page numbers again and reprint it onto good paper all over again. Arrgh!

Also? School shopping with Emily- she bought shoes that I think are hideous and that I also think she will be ridiculed for. And I had to have new pants for work. Believe me, clothes shipping is no fun for me. I try something on, look in the mirror and burst into tears.

So. Bad day.

How did it get better? After I woke up, 80s called and I asked him to find me a program that would let me print a book signature straight from the program... and he did and brought me a six pack of mojitos when he came out to pick his tomatoes. So now all I have to do is go in and make the corrections I need to do and just print.

That man confuses me. Most of the time when I am having a bad day, we fight. But every so often, when I'm having a bad day, he does his best to make it better... and usually succeeds. In any event, he just saved me about 100 hours of work... and he brought mojitos too.


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