Day 1581

Aug. 4th, 2011 06:11 am
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Emily's dentist appointment went well Tuesday- no cavities and the only thing that might need to be addressed is a slight overbite. They were going to refer me to an orthodontist for her but I pointed out that there is no way I can afford to take her so there is no point. If it was affecting her health, I would find a way but this is so slight it is not even affecting her looks.

I finished sewing the first copy of The Flying Yorkshireman together and I'm going to try to back and bind it this weekend. I also have the second copy printed out and I'll try and work on that as well. My book press is smaller than I would like so I'm going to have to cut down my backing boards by about an inch- not very happy about that!

Pictures here! )

That last picture is of just how little thread I had left over when I finished sewing. Don't ask me how I judged it so closely!

I'm also considering entering anyone lived in a pretty how town in the country fair this year and possibly the state fair next year- depending on how it does at county.

Day 1595

Jul. 21st, 2011 07:10 am
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On the agenda today-

    Take Emily to the doctor and have them check for strep. Take me to the doctor and have me checked for strep.
    Take the recycling in.
    Sweep the house.
    Wash my bottom sheet again because Pixel had an accident on the sheet after I put it back on last night (I washed them yesterday).
    Call back supervisor at my insurance company to complain about their handling of Eliz's case. Apparently she doesn't seem to understand the 'I work until 4' part of my message.

I also might stop and get an oil change and clean the bathroom today- it depends on how much time I have and how I feel after we get done at the doctor's. Dinner will likely be pizza and ice cream because I don't feel much like making anything else.

In quilting news, I have finished the star on Don't Go Out A-Lone Star and am starting on the spiderwebs. Emily had a great idea for a way to sign it in the quilting design. She mentioned Charlotte's Web and that I could sign it in one of the lower squares in the spiderweb which I think is a fabulous idea! She's so smart.

In bookbinding news, I got tired of waiting for Brazen Device on etsy to message me back or relist the book press I was interested in. He said it would be up by the end of the weekend two weeks ago and I still haven't heard back. So alrighty then- obviously my money is not wanted there. Instead I bought this one from Phyllisann:

It's not as pretty but I am sure it will work at least as well (maybe better) and I know that she will send it to me- I'd be dubious about ordering from Brazen Device anyway since he's been so slow to answer messages. I'd be worried he wouldn't ship it for weeks and weeks. Plus this one is less expensive and has free shipping- saving me about $100. Phyllisann doesn't have a lot of feedback on etsy but she lists the same things on ebay where she has over 2000 feedback- 98% positive.

Also? I finished all the signatures except the title page and contents so I'll start sewing as soon as I read it through and make sure there are no glaring errors and I'll need a press pretty soon.


80s called last night and was badgering me to say that he's smarter than I am (oh please, you seriously think that?) and kept after me (calling and calling even though I was letting it go to the answering machine) until I was thoroughly put out with him. I was sick last night too and let him know it- my mistake. I wonder how long, if I never pick up the phone when it is him, it will take for him to get the message I'm not speaking to him and stop calling?

The funny thing about that is that I don't actually think I am the smartest person- I can think of six people I think are smarter than I am off the top of my head (that I know- I'm not counting people like Steven Hawking) and not one of them has ever called me stupid. He just isn't one of them.

One of the best things about being a grown up? You can have ice cream for breakfast if you want to!

Day 7945

Jun. 29th, 2011 06:29 am
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I only have 7 more diamonds to finish on Don't Go Out A-Lone Star before I start the spiderwebs. Yay! I still have borders to do after that so I'm a long way from being finished with it.

After that, I have to start on Granny's Quilt for Emily as she is going to be 14 this year and I want it finished before her 16th birthday.

Since it's on the frame, I may start another quilt in the hoop or I may start piecing on another quilt to have something I can do while I'm watching TV (rare but I do sometimes) or going somewhere I will need to carry something to do with me. The question is- what?

I have Storm at Sea well started- I've been doing bits on it for years.

I've got a pretty set idea of how I want to quilt Coffee in Bed- there are still a few details to work out but I can do that while I'm working on the rest of it.

American Beauty is almost all cut and ready to go- courtesy of the former owner... and I really really think it should get finished. It's a shame to let such a lovely quilt languish in potentiality forever.

Robert's Trees is about half finished but it's not as exciting to me as others since it was that commission that fell through.

Alpine Wonder is going to be a Christmas tree on my wall since I have room for a christmas tree but no good place for a christmas tree... and then there is my Christmas Cats quilt. Also Alpine Wonder will be fast- it's designed to be machine sewn.

And I could always do blocks of Rare Blends until I have exhausted the blocks- then I'll figure out how to set them together depending on how many I have.

So, even though I am not there yet, I am dithering deliciously over what to do next. I still think I might ought to quilt myself down to the point where I am piecing on one quilt while quilting on another but everything else is finished. The real stumbling block to that is the Purity quilt. I'm not ready to do that yet.

Hum- This plus the bookbinding- ADD much, you think?

Day 7745

Mar. 20th, 2011 08:59 am
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Yesterday was National Quilting Day and I had planned to do nothing but quilt-related things all day. It didn't quite work out that well but I did get to spend a significant portion of my day doing quilty things.

I cleaned the sewing room, spent more than a few minutes wondering how I could organize all the fabric scraps better so I could find them when I want them and came to the conclusion that what I need to do is work up all the quilts I have designated fabric for and then go through each and every piece of fabric, trim and what all in the sewing room then. (There should be a lot less.) I also need a system for organizing fabric and scraps but I haven't found one yet that I actually like so I will spend time while I am quilting or when I want to quilt and can't thinking about that instead of coming up with new quilts.

I've also decided that, while the plastic bins were a nice idea, I'd rather have wooden drawers between my shelves. More esthetically pleasing and sturdier too- the bottom bins are starting to burst with the weight. I also need to get rid of everything in there that is not sewing related- notably all the stuff that I used for the decanting supply business that is just hanging around being useless and all the stuff for making hairsticks. I still have several I want to make but once I do, I can get rid of all the stuff to make them with.

After I finished cleaning up my sewing table, I put Granny's Quilt on the frame- with a some help from 80s- so I'm ready to start quilting on it as soon as I finish Don't Go Out A-Lone Star. Then in the evening, I quilted on Don't Go Out A-Lone Star and watched some TV with 80s- and went moon-gazing at the Super-moon for a little while.

I didn't get as much quilting as I would have liked done- but it was still a lovely quilty day!

(Not my picture- credit goes to Ben Birtchall from Glastonbury England)

Day 7752

Mar. 13th, 2011 08:44 am
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Willie came and changed my window out yesterday. Yay! now all I have to do is hang my panels and trim it out and make a new window treatment and I will have my window. I'm going to try to get that done in the evenings this week so I'll have my all quilting day on Saturday.

I splurged on some wine last night called Red Decadence. It's flavored with dark chocolate and is simply wonderful as an after dinner sipping wine. I also got Barista which has coffee with red wine. We'll try that tonight.

The reason I was buying wine- very angry at my Mom )

I've been working on Don't Go Out A-Lone Star- the points are going to take me somewhat longer than I thought but then I get to the spiderwebs after that. I'll probably work on it some Saturday but I also plan to clean some in the sewing room and get Granny's Quilt on the frame so I can start work on it for Emily.
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I think I'll make sure I can spend the day doing mostly quilty things in my sewing room!

Day 1779

Feb. 15th, 2011 08:14 pm
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I finally got my two overseas packages that I ordered right after Christmas yesterday and today- a book and a 'confection' :D This almost makes up for having such a hell week at work and no time to rest or relax.

The book is a 1980 copy of Tolkien's Poems and Stories published by Unwin in a black cloth binding with illustrations by Pauline Baynes. (She illustrated the Narnia books as well. That's why you know that name.) Simply delicious!

Mine is an ex-library copy so it does not have the slip case that it originally came with and there is a library mark on a couple of pages and a bit of battering at the top of the spine- but it does not appear to have been the most popular book in the library. Such a beautiful book.

The 'confection' is "Sweet Tea" here )

I had actually decided that they were never going to get here and the timing was most excellent.

I also found a quilt that I would love to make either a copy or something similar... but it's so intricate that I don't know if I ever could!

A larger photo is posted here

The title appears to translate as A Great Day to be Busy by Yoko Sekita and it won the Friendship Award at the Tokyo International Quilt Grand Prix in 2010. I love the way she has done the edges especially and all the tiny little details- perfectly executed in every one. Plus I love the colours too!

Just a side note, I love my Jeeve alarm clock. I woke up this morning to it and I was smiling before I was all the way awake. How many clocks can do that?
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I'm better this evening than I was this morning. In the main because I have spent the day getting things done.

This is the last tree I will complete until I am ready to finish this quilt for me. Now I can get back to work on things I wanted to finish before.

I also made Groundhog Cookies. Isn't he the cutest little cuss?

And I have been doing a little reading:


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Today is a good day.

It really has been, mostly, inspite of starting out wrong footed. My Jeeves alarm clock went foz-watts this morning- fortunately at the time I was supposed to get up.It turns out that the batteries I thought I recharged fully were out of juice due to the battery charger acting up. So clock is, I think, fixed and no need to return it or get another one.

When I got home I was spinning in circles from all the things I wanted to do today. So instead, I popped in the DVD for loosing weight via hypnosis. Oddly, it took an hour and a half out of my day but instead of putting me behind, I actually got almost everything I wanted to do done. Bank and post office will have to wait until Friday and Saturday, respectively, and I didn't get any work done on my quilt although I did get work done on Robert's.

I also got a nap- FTW!

And I fixed the dryer vent- again- because Shredder lives up to her name.

Exercises got done.

Dinner was herb crusted chicken with mushroom risotto and brussels sprouts (made with walnuts and raisins instead of pecans and cranberries because that's what I had in the house) and plain yogurt with blueberries for dessert. I did not have time to make the tofu spread I meant to but there's rice and brussels sprouts left over so I'll take that for lunch tomorrow and make the spread over the weekend. Um- where did I put the sprouts???

I also watched Briggadoon. Not something I really plan to keep. It was fun, once, but I'm not so thrilled with it.

I had planned to watch the video of stopping smoking as well but since I have to listen to a CD for 20 minutes every day to reinforce the hypnosis suggestion, I'll wait until I've got the weight loss firmly entrenched before I go making more changes. One thing at a time.

I think I may have mentioned that I plan to put a diamond paned window in the library. Almost everyone I contacted about a window to my dimensions wanted $2000 - $3000- except for Jay at Orca Glass. He says he can do it for under $600 and, while the shipping is ghastly, I can manage it.

I'm not asking if I should do this or not- I am doing it. But I am asking the f-list about curtains. Right now I have a white linen frill at the top and a half panel that covers the bottom. Privacy is not an issue (the window faces the forest and if there are any peeping tom deer out there they are welcome to watch me read all they want) and I don't want to cover up a window I'm having custom made. Should I just add side drapes to the frill? I have plenty of linen- I could put curtains up in most of Windsor Castle before I ran out- so I can do anything I think of. Should I remove the curtain all together and frame in the window with wood or stone? (Kind of liking the stone idea- but how to do it...) Suggestions requested!!
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This has been a very good day!

Before it even got started, I entered the Quiltmaker Magazine's Treasure Hunt- I won't win, I never do, but if I don't enter I'm certain not to! And it was free and relatively easy... something mindless to do before breakfast with coffee. I also found a wonderful quilt pattern- but the pattern alone is $60 and massively complex. I don't have time to make all the ones I want to now.

I had to run straight home after I dropped Emily at school this morning to wait on the furnace man. By 10 am, when I had heard nothing, I decided that making sure I was on their schedule was a good idea...

I was and they called to let me know they were coming at 12- and then were finished by 1:15. I now have a new digital thermostat and the part outside was not nearly as expensive as we thought it would be. Because they finished so quickly, I also got to run Eliz's packages (that she gets sent here instead of where ever she's living at the moment) to her at work, get the oil changed and drop some things off at Samaritan Center. And buy wine. :)

While I was waiting for the furnace man, I got all my Christmas cards written out and addressed and stamped- and I mailed them and a small package I owed on the way to see Eliz. And created a document of addresses sorted by international, national and local. If you don't get a card from me, it's because I do not have your address. PM it to me if you still want one, it's not too late!

Also cleaned the house and did the laundry which means I don't have to do it Saturday. And fixed two of my hairsticks that had gotten broken (tops, not sticks), did the mending and hung the door wreaths.

I got back to the house 10 minutes after Em got home and got her an early dinner (awesome veggie soup with cheddar cheese topping) because she was so hungry. She was too! She ate three bowls.

Now I have the whole evening to work on Robert's quilt. At least, until bed- I have to go to bed early so I can get up very early and make bacon and pancakes for breakfast.

The whole day I have had music I like playing- using the computer as a jukebox on shuffle- and had a Cinnamon candle burning. So not only have I been super productive, I've been happily super-productive!

Time to cut out bunches of diamonds- I think I need more leaf and pine branch fabric...

Day 1869

Nov. 18th, 2010 05:45 am
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Okay, I have to get the cabinet doors finished this weekend and no more fooling around and procrastinating. And then I have to put my tools away and clean up the sewing room- except for the papa-san chair that I will be taking to Eliz as soon as she and I can get together on our schedules.

Why the rush? I have been commissioned to make a quilt for a man named Robert. He's offered to pay me enough to make it worth my time to make him one (!!!!!) so I'm working on a design right now. And he wants it before cold weather next year- a king sized quilt- yes, I'm in a rush! I'll post as much as I have tonight- I still need to decide on borders and how to turn a square quilt (based on a lone star) oblong.

This pushes me to clean up the sewing room so I'll be able to find things and have a work area I like working in. I've already cleaned up the library so this will be the last trouble spot I've created for myself. I'm also going to try to get the rest of my projects lined up so that when I can't sew any more and have to take a break, I can work on one of them instead of sitting down at the computer. Also to get all the mending done so it is out of my way.
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Last night I basted Don't Go Out A-Lone Star. This was more difficult than it sounds- I had planned to baste it the night before but couldn't figure out how to get it to lay flat without wrinkling. I kept trying to remember how I got anyone lived in a pretty how town to lay flat... and then I remembered.

I pinned it to the carpet.

So- pin this one to the... oh. Carpet all gone- bye, bye.

After a day's worth of consideration, I ended up cutting the backing down to the size it needed to be and taping it down with flooring tape. I didn't get it perfectly centered- I hope it doesn't draw up too much in the quilting since I've only got about two spare inches on two sides.

In other news, Bitsy is going in her crate mostly without complaining and her leg seems to be a lot better- she's putting the foot down a little bit and I have to remind her not to jump up when she's frisking about.

I'm planning on making Roasted Vegetable Rosemary Chicken Noodle soup this weekend- also Peanut Butter Temptations and Snickerdoodles Friday night.

Day 1923

Sep. 26th, 2010 07:36 pm
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Quilting all done on a pretty how town!!!!

Now I need to mend the binding on Witchery and see if I can get Don't Go Out A-Lone Star basted up so I'll have it to work on at work.

Day 1928

Sep. 21st, 2010 05:45 am
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Finished January- now working on the border.

Day 1930

Sep. 19th, 2010 06:46 am
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Yesterday I went shopping. I had to have new shoes (ouch, price!) for work. And then we stopped at one of the malls because they wer advertizing a "Arts and Crafts Show".

Um, yeah. Not so much- there were like six vendors selling custom embroidery and team beaded bracelets, one candle lady and one silversmith. It wasn't a complete bust since the silversmith mostly had charms and I picked up a couple for me and several for Em for Christmas and birthday. He was very helpful too- keeping Em from even noticing I was buying anything :D

To make up for that disappointment, we ran by Sew Bee It, the best quilting store in reasonable range. (And possibly anywhere- they're amazing! The only place I've ever heard of that comes close is Keepsake.) I found an apron panel that I had to have- "Coffee Drinker Anonymous- Charter Member" as well as some fabrics in the same line- Red and brown and coffee. I'll make something for the kitchen out of them probably but I don't know what yet!

I also found some orange silk with embroidered butterflies to make a pillow for the sofa. We all take naps on the sofa and silk is so lovely and soft... and this is perfect colour.

Plus an awesome bit to work into my Storm at Sea quilts.

And, just so I have it jotted down somewhere I can't loose it, I've been thinking about hairsticks again. Hobbit hair sticks and The Hairsticks of Inara and I should really make myself some sewing hairsticks.

I think a spool on the top of one would be great and I'm not sure how to work in a needle and thread... possibly as a dangle with the other end of the dangle being a quilt block and maybe topped with a thimble. No reason I couldn't use a real needle, spool and thimble- just a very small one. The thread would need to be something more sturdy than actual thread, I think but the quilt block could be fabric. Or maybe One of the hairsticks could be silver metal and look like a really BIG needle and have a tiny quilt block dangling from it..
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I'm in 4th place right now- please, if you haven't voted on my quilt, I'd really appreciate it!

Tell your friends too!

Day 2077

Apr. 24th, 2010 07:43 am
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There is not going to be an Unplugged post this weekend. I had us scheduled for the National Cornbread festival in South Pittsburgh but it's a 90% chance of rain today (and thunderstorms) and I still have a nasty nasty cold. Ok, I'm stubborn, not stupid!

Mom doesn't want us to go because she's heard on the news that there will be gang related violence there. Um, yeah, right. In South Pittsburgh. At the Cornbread festival. Gangs. Does not compute, sorry.

In other news, I got the paint for the living room (25% off coupon in the paper last week- wOOt!) so we will probably spend the day taking movies down and sorting them and maybe get some of the shelves down. I've decided that I'm going to paint the hall in a light colour on the top (my gallery) and then have a chair rail and the lower half painted in the same manner as the living room. I'd love to panel it... but that's not in my budget and probably never could be. Paneling would have to be cherry to match the floor- even cherry beadboard is very expensive!

80s is watching Leverage with me now- Fridays is our night for Breaking Bad and then Leverage- one episode each until he's caught up. This keeps us from having bad visits. Maybe in a couple of years we'll be back to being able to just hang out but for now, scheduled activities are a good thing.

I've decided that anyone lived in a pretty how town is not going to the county fair. I've made too many mistakes and it will just not stand up to judging. I've about decided that I shouldn't enter quilts in the fair- I'm too erratic. I have good ideas but my execution falls short of my vision by quite a lot. The alternative to this would be to use a machine. Um, no. Not at this time. I'm relaxing my thoughts about that but machine sewing is still pretty stressful for me and I'm not yet in that much of a hurry.

Fiber optic internet will be here soon. How soon, I don't know, but I am eager for it. Then I can watch TV episodes that I want to see that I do not get as they happen instead of waiting for them to hit DVD. This may not be as good a thing as it would seem, I've never been much of a TV watcher but zenkitty is changing that. There's my Bones, and Leverage, and Dexter, and Breaking Bad, and Castle. Whoops! That's five times as much as I've ever watched on a regular basis... I better learn to sew while I'm watching.

All week I have been wanting to sniff perfume and I still can't smell much. I hate this.

K- I have chores and projects pending- better go get busy!

Day 2102

Mar. 29th, 2010 06:43 am
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It seems that Kaylee has gone on- she went walking from here with a pedestrian and hasn't come back. I am unsurprised- she was just too friendly to be resisted.

I got simply nothing done on the floor this weekend- too tired and too depressed. I hate that and I mean to fix it. Some things I can change and some things I can ignore- I have a bad habit of falling into a mental loop that just spirals downward if I don't break it somehow.

I did work on the Yellow Submarine quilt while watching Dexter. I'm working on the Sea of Science block and I realized last night that it's going to have at least 81 pieces in it. What! How did I do that to myself? No wonder I didn't make as much progress on it as I thought I should have. Oh well- it's the only really intricate block in the quilt so I can deal.

I do have to discipline myself into working on anyone lived in a pretty how town. I'm not making any progress on it because I'm not picking it up.

Bitsy's stitches are healing well- I don't think I'm going to bother taking her back to the vet to take them out. If I can take stitches out of people, surely I can take them out of her.


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