Mar. 20th, 2011

Day 7745

Mar. 20th, 2011 08:59 am
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Yesterday was National Quilting Day and I had planned to do nothing but quilt-related things all day. It didn't quite work out that well but I did get to spend a significant portion of my day doing quilty things.

I cleaned the sewing room, spent more than a few minutes wondering how I could organize all the fabric scraps better so I could find them when I want them and came to the conclusion that what I need to do is work up all the quilts I have designated fabric for and then go through each and every piece of fabric, trim and what all in the sewing room then. (There should be a lot less.) I also need a system for organizing fabric and scraps but I haven't found one yet that I actually like so I will spend time while I am quilting or when I want to quilt and can't thinking about that instead of coming up with new quilts.

I've also decided that, while the plastic bins were a nice idea, I'd rather have wooden drawers between my shelves. More esthetically pleasing and sturdier too- the bottom bins are starting to burst with the weight. I also need to get rid of everything in there that is not sewing related- notably all the stuff that I used for the decanting supply business that is just hanging around being useless and all the stuff for making hairsticks. I still have several I want to make but once I do, I can get rid of all the stuff to make them with.

After I finished cleaning up my sewing table, I put Granny's Quilt on the frame- with a some help from 80s- so I'm ready to start quilting on it as soon as I finish Don't Go Out A-Lone Star. Then in the evening, I quilted on Don't Go Out A-Lone Star and watched some TV with 80s- and went moon-gazing at the Super-moon for a little while.

I didn't get as much quilting as I would have liked done- but it was still a lovely quilty day!

(Not my picture- credit goes to Ben Birtchall from Glastonbury England)
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If a man offers to grill for you, you need to understand a few plain facts.

1. This does not mean that you have the night off from cooking. You want that, you go to a restaurant. You will be needed for help with prep work and, more importantly, companionship and as a cheering section. (Guys like a lot of applause. It's a good thing most women don't usually need as much- we'd all starve.)

2. It's going to take all day. Not 30 minutes, not 3 hours- all day.

3. It's going to be very very messy. Not just the grill but the kitchen and all points inbetween. And unless the man is uncommon, you will be the one cleaning it up. All of them will say they will clean up after themselves- only a few rare ones do.

4. Beer will be involved.

5. So will fire, obviously. Burned fingers are likely- burned houses are possible.

6. There will be cursing. Also accelerant. Sometimes there will be cursing about the accelerant.

7. Chances are, no matter how well you prepare before hand, a trip to the store will have to be made at some point, by someone.

8. Sometimes several trips.

9. Since no woman can properly tend a grill, and the grill must not be left unattended, you will have to be the one to go to the store.

10. And go back because no matter what you got, it's not right or not all of it or something else was found lacking after you left.

11. At the end of it all, you may or may not have a main dish worth eating, depending on the skill of the cook.Side dishes must be made separately and preferably beforehand. Hence the popularity of cold side dishes such as potato salad and cole slaw with grilled meats.


Totally not what happened today- although it did take all day and beer was involved. 80s made dinner (partly on the grill) and it was fabulous!


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