May. 1st, 2011

Day 7703

May. 1st, 2011 09:59 pm
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Still no internet- which is not surprising. I'm sure the EPB is concentrating on getting power restored to houses rather than phone or internet. I have to agree, power is much more important.

I don't have as much clean up as some but I'm cleaning up from camping out myself. I've got a cooler that I almost never use and I'm going to pack the camp shower and the tiny battery powered florescent lamp in it along with paper plates and anything else I think of that we don't keep around much but is very useful when we're out of power. I'm considering putting a box of matches or a lighter in as well- and maybe some batteries. The thing about batteries is that I think they loose their charge over time. Lighters may do the same thing... and I am debating the container of clorox wipes. They're mega handy to wipe off hands... but they might dry out before our next power outage. Maybe if I seal the wipes themselves in a ziplock and drop it back in the container they would hold- not sure about that.

The upside to being without internet (or anything else) is that I have gotten a good bit of quilting done and I'm planning to do more today. The mini florescent lamp was awesome for that after dark.

I also caught up on my sleep. When you can't clean, you can't watch TV, you can't play on the internet and there's nothing to do but quilt or read, you tend to go to bed when you're tired. Or at least I do- Emily was another matter- she was afraid of nightmares.

It looks like it might rain at any minute- I hope just rain!

I feel like I should be going over to the school and volunteering to help somebody with something- I don't know how useful I could be but surely I could do something. The only problem I have with that is I would have to take Emily and I would spend most of my time keeping up with her- even on her meds she'd be pretty hyper in a situation like that. Plus I'd have to argue with Mom and her isolationist tendencies.


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