Mar. 1st, 2011

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Because when I got home from work, there was no power. And there continued to be no power. So Emily and I read books and had sandwiches for supper until there was not enough light to read and went to bed. She was for lighting candles, I was for going to bed because candlelight is not really enough to read by and, well, if the power comes back on, we'll want to do some extra stuff in the morning so early sleep would be good.

I had wanted a nice quiet evening... I got it in spades!

Funny thing is, even when you KNOW the power is out, you still hit the light switch. But you don't remember to turn it off again... so I woke up when the power came back on because the bedroom light was on. Not just the lamp- the bloody overhead!

So I got up and turned off some of the lights that got turned on accidentally, posted some feedback on ebay, reset all the clocks that run on power, cleaned out my mail box and made some coffee. (There was no coffee for me to have even cold because I left the pot empty. Bad wren! When I woke up, the lack of coffee headache was already well underway.) I'll get my shower before I nap out for a little and get Emily up so she can have her shower in the morning. No power on a well means no water either.

80s took today to go and visit some friends he had not seen in awhile- so when he called, he couldn't get even the answering machine until I got home and found a not-cordless phone to plug in. From the way he sounded when I did finally talk to him, he was a bit panicked since we have had tornadoes in the area. He had planned to stay gone for the evening which was a good thing. No matter how well you get along with someone, everyone needs solo time.

I also got a new quilt pattern in the post- I'll get there eventually! I will! And when I do, this pattern will be long out of print and hard to find and expensive if I do find it. And it was just $9- not one of the $60 or $70 patterns I have been wanting. So I'll be posting a new quilt page in a few minutes as well as adding a quilting pattern for Don't Go Out A-Lone Star that I made over the weekend.

I also made Blueberry Bread over the weekend- and the first loaf went so fast that I made it again. A double recipe the second time and we still are almost halfway through the second loaf of that baking. It's really really good!


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