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Dec. 13th, 2010 07:12 am
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How is it that whenever I plan to sleep in, even a little bit, I get woken up early? Since school is out today, I planned to sleep in until 6- and was woken at 4:45 by Emily. She had gotten up and was on the computer- watching some damned anime.

So now she is grounded from the computer and it's locked. She won't be able to get on unless I unlock it for her and I don't think I'm going to be doing that very often.

So now I have hours to dither about going in to work. Last year we had snow and horrible roads- and I went in at fair risk to life and limb and a lot of stress since I still do not like driving. And when I got there, half the people who could have come in more easily were not there. I think that, unless the road has been salted, I am going to stay home today.

Which will give me time for a nap- that sounds very attractive right now!

Besides which- if they don't need me on Thursdays, then they can make do without me today. Until my schedule goes back to 5 days a week, I am going to feel less obligated to get there no matter what.

Ok, yes, I am over tired and therefore quite cross.

On a different note, I have mentioned that I'm going to be trying to finish Midnight Sun for my own satisfaction. I will likely be babbling about it (and possibly other writing projects) but I know that some of you don't want to read about it. So, a new filter is indicated and unless you comment here and specifically tell me that you wish to be on it, you will not be. I may even decide to post what I write as I write it, so be forewarned.


Dec. 12th, 2010 11:38 am
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It's snowing! Not sticking but it is snowing...

I also found the perfect cover for Midnight Sun:

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It was a beautiful sunny day. It should have been a dark and stormy night but it wasn't- crime does not wait for the weather to be right, after all.

Now I need a mystery story to go with that opening...
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But my cats do talk to me- dogs too. Sometimes they even use English.
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Since I have a daughter with a December 3rd birthday, no Christmas decorations go up until December 4th. The tree, being live, doesn't go up until around the 20th or 21st. They come down at the New Year's party and we burn the tree as part of the party.
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I'm done- I only have wrapping a couple of things left. If I can't get it before Thanksgiving, I don't get it. With a couple of exceptions, I am only getting gifts for my family. (This does not mean I don't care- if I had the money I would get everyone showers of gifts!)

I start Christmas shopping the day after Christmas. I pick up things that I see that would be 'perfect' for someone all year long and then about mid-October, I assess what I have and who I need to go out and shop for specifically.

Since Emily's birthday is at the beginning of December, nothing gets done on Christmas in the way of decorating etc. until after her birthday. If I didn't have the shopping already done, I would have a very stressed and compressed holiday season. This way, all I have to do is baking (except fruitcake the years I make fruitcake) and mailing and decorating.
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I suppose a Ouiji board is a seance so the answer to that is yes, when I was 10.

Will I ever do it again? NO!

When I was young and foolish (and 10- did I mention 10?) my then best friend and I spent one afternoon playing with a Ouiji board. In the middle, we took a break and went to get a coke (southern- I don't remember if it was actually a drink manufactured by the Coca-Cola bottling company). She went into the kitchen and I went to the door of the room. With her head in the fridge, she asked me to ask if the spirit would like a drink- so I did.

The pointer slid to yes.

So, fools that we were at that age, we set a coke on the mantel and went back to playing with it!!!

When we looked about an hour later, the glass was empty.

I look back and wonder just how stupid I was at that age.
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From knowing that if I don't do it, it likely won't get done. Pretty sad that, my personal strength is assuming that the entire world is irresponsible. What's even sadder is, I'm mostly right.

In other news, my American Lush order finally got here today... they upgraded the shipping after I complained. My big stompy boots must be working well because I got the school sorted out this morning as well!
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A cat... don't you think?

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