Day 7988

May. 16th, 2011 11:09 pm
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When I got to work today I found that everything I was supposed to do today was already done and there was nothing for me to do and no reason for me to stay there. So I went shopping and taught myself all about gilding page edges. Very amusingly, the first thing you have to treat the edges with is a paste called Fontenay to seal up the paper so it doesn't absorb too much adhesive.

Naturally, I had neglected to have any on hand so while the pages were still a little wet, I've been separating them and inadvertently reread the book:


Mine looked worse than that so you can see why I decided to experiment on it- it needed rebinding anyway!

Day 1843

Dec. 13th, 2010 07:12 am
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How is it that whenever I plan to sleep in, even a little bit, I get woken up early? Since school is out today, I planned to sleep in until 6- and was woken at 4:45 by Emily. She had gotten up and was on the computer- watching some damned anime.

So now she is grounded from the computer and it's locked. She won't be able to get on unless I unlock it for her and I don't think I'm going to be doing that very often.

So now I have hours to dither about going in to work. Last year we had snow and horrible roads- and I went in at fair risk to life and limb and a lot of stress since I still do not like driving. And when I got there, half the people who could have come in more easily were not there. I think that, unless the road has been salted, I am going to stay home today.

Which will give me time for a nap- that sounds very attractive right now!

Besides which- if they don't need me on Thursdays, then they can make do without me today. Until my schedule goes back to 5 days a week, I am going to feel less obligated to get there no matter what.

Ok, yes, I am over tired and therefore quite cross.

On a different note, I have mentioned that I'm going to be trying to finish Midnight Sun for my own satisfaction. I will likely be babbling about it (and possibly other writing projects) but I know that some of you don't want to read about it. So, a new filter is indicated and unless you comment here and specifically tell me that you wish to be on it, you will not be. I may even decide to post what I write as I write it, so be forewarned.
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I'm spending the evening going through all my perfume imps and sniffies with six wishlists in hand. After I have done that (tonight and tomorrow), I'll look and see what I can decant for people and do a spot (large spot!) of decanting on Wednesday. Thursday I should be able to package everything up to mail out Friday. That's the plan anyway...

I also need to make up a non-perfume fairy package- possibly Thursday or Friday. These are going to be some awesome fairy packages, some of them!

Two things trouble me. One, I don't have but six of the nine wishlists I should and two- the best laid plans of wrens and all that.

Right now I'm being very very sleepy and I don't know why. I worked over in floral today- I didn't get everything done but I didn't expect to. Cheryl kindly left me more to do than I could possibly get done every day I'll be over there.

Ok, that last might need some explaining. I don't work floral very often except at holidays and I hate having to be at work but having nothing to do. I don't know the department well enough to find things to do if I run out. If Cheryl is there, I can ask for something else to do but when she is on vacation- I'm a bit at loose ends. The last couple of times she had me fill in for her while she was gone, I ran out of things to do. The last time, in sheer desperation, I tidied the entire department. It is possible that she was trying to avoid a repeat of that as well as keep me from being all upset. She did tell me that there was more on the list than I could possibly do and don't worry about not finishing it- don't even try.

So I didn't. I did what I had to do back in produce and then went up front and cleaned the cut case, pulled some roses that were looking ratty, watered everything in sight (this was one of the things that really did have to get done) and took down all the 4th of July decorations. And reworked the plants and arrangements that had not sold into daily things (Get Well, Birthday, Sympathy, General Summer).

So not too much- but I am very very sleepy and I don't know why. It doesn't help that I was sitting at the kitchen table to work on fairy packages and Anna-kitten stole my seat when I got up for more coffee. I'll make her get up and get back to work momentarily.
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I just called work to see if they wanted me to come in at 9 as usual or at 8 as I did all last week... and I'm not on the schedule at all.

Um. On the one hand, I'd like another day off- I really don't want this weekend to end- on the other hand- WTF? I've been scheduled M-F, 9-5 ever since I started this job. I'm in no trouble that I know of WTF? Fortunately the scheduling manager was there and she told me to come on in at 9... but what on earth will I be doing all day? Fruit? I can't imagine that we'll need that many trays on a Monday- even if we have all the stuff to make them which I doubt.

Meh- tune in tomorrow for the final outcome.

Today has been very nice. Emily watched her two episodes of Buffy/Angel and I let her watch my episode of Bones and HP & The Half-Blood Prince. Other than that, we have read books- at one point both sitting on the sofa with our feet meeting in the middle, companionably. I need to read more- I'm not going to break 100 books this year and that's horrible since I have about 200 still waiting to be read, not including the books of Emily's that I should be reading to keep up with her.

I also reviewed my Lush orders- I think I have got enough stuff coming (what with all the freebies) to comfortably see me through the whole year with the possible exception of Jungle. Anticipating sybaritic baths in the near future!

Day 2588

Nov. 3rd, 2008 07:15 pm
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Grrr! That woman!

I had today off... necessary since I had to take Emily to the doctor for her med check up.

I started out by taking her to school and having the conference that I didn't have Thursday... her teacher is going to make sure that everything gets into her bag and goes home with her. Embarrassing for her, to be treated like a first grader, but what else can be done?

Then I went to the post office (man, do I owe them cookies!) and got fussed at. Not for having so many packages but for skipping Friday and Saturday. (You don't call, you don't write... where were you?) While processing packages, I explained that I wouldn't be coming by nearly as often any more... which seemed to make my people sad.

Good heavens, was it really all that? I guess it was...

Then I returned my recalled White Rabbit candy and went to lunch with 80s where a good time was had by all. He was in fine form today and kept making me laugh.

Run back to school and pick up Emily and get her to the doctor. Dr changed her meds to 30mg of Vyvanse starting tomorrow and we'll see how it works. While we were there, I ran into the other front desk person from Sarah's office who is still there. I burbled about how well life was going for me and she grumbled about hers.

Then to Arby's to pick up dinner, at Em's request.

Then back to the doctor because we forgot to give Emily her flu shot. As it turns out, she got the nasal inoculation so "shot" is a misnomer.

We took a turn by 80s house to drop off something he inadvertently left in my car and then to my work to fill Em's new script and activate the "free 30 days" card they gave me since insurance wouldn't pay for it without Dr calling them first. If it works well, she'll call next week.

Then home to get Emily started on a huge pile of homework due to getting her out of school early.

In the middle of this, Sarah calls wanting to know why it was necessary to tell everyone I met that knows her just how happy I am and how much less stress I am under. After pointing out to her that I am happy and less stressed...and having her reiterate that I was 'talking down about her' and she 'always treated you well' and 'I thought we had a relationship' and some chomping about how little notice I gave her, I told her 'Sarah, it's not always all about you.' Which set her off even more... beginning with "F*ck you." To which I responded "Good evening, Sarah" and hung up.

WTF? What on earth is she thinking? Does she really think she is better than me that she should call me after almost a year and still expect me to play nice-y nice? This is exactly why my current job is so much less stressful. No one at work would dream of calling me at home to discuss something I said in a public place that they thought might reflect badly on them personally. Good God, lady, get laid and get a LIFE... that isn't mine!

Rather fortunately for all concerned, Emily got her homework done... neatly, quickly and well... and I got a PM from my switch witch to let me know who she is and that her planned final package is going to be late. I don't care, knowing who she is... and finding out just at that moment... was the tonic I needed against Toxic Sarah.

Day 4091

Jul. 31st, 2008 06:34 am
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I am really really sore this morning. Yesterday, on little sleep, I got pulled off my regular work to throw a truck and then straighten frozen foods. Consequently, my back and arms are protesting mightily.

I keep thinking that I'm going to work on my library in the evening and then being too tired to do it. I really want to get it done so I can go back to my quilting. Besides being stalled on my Storm at Seas, I want to get started on my Rare Blends quilt. I got the package of backing fabric for it day before yesterday and when I let the shop owner know I had gotten it, she told me that it was the only pheonix fabric she had seen in 21 years. And I just happened to find it... how lucky is that? The background really does look black too. And people keep sending me the most fabulous fabrics for their blocks... this is going to be a spectaular quilt and it's all because of you guys!

So... no progress to report... where does my time go?

I did manage to be on line when Snow, Glass, Apples went live and I snagged one. Only one... but three more Schwarzer Monds! I am so happy happy they revisited SM... I love that scent! (I may need to get more before it goes down again... must count bottles)
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Yesterday was a practically perfect day. I picked up my mail before work and it had an imp I had ordered, my new Hold On To Your Horses book by Sandra and an unexpected package of Glitter from Suileach on the forum. (Isn't that the definition of glitter? That you weren't expecting it?)


I get my mail first thing before work so all I could do then was read the postcard and wait for lunch break but it was such a warm fuzzy 'awww!' feeling. I went through the whole morning in kind of a rosy fog just waiting until I could look at it.

And then the package itself! There are two Tolkien ones and I'm going to frame the Hobbiton one and hang it some where in my new library as soon as I get it finished. I always thought Tolkien could write better than he could draw but there's something sweet and totally sentimental about the drawings he did do and I love them all. Hobbiton is possibly my favorite just because I always wanted to live there!

I've never seen this Erté print... and Erté One of my favorites! And this print is simply beautiful!

I was really tickled by the hot chocolate malt... I've never seen anything like it before and even if Emily gets it, I'm going to thieve a taste first! And tea! I love Earl Grey and there are two different kinds and I'm looking forward to trying the cinnamon tea because I do like cinnamon as well... plus I have just never seen teas in tiny boxes like this.

I've never tried the soap although it smells luscious or any of the imps (delight!) and the only one I have had time to test is Geek... which is a win on me :) I'm also tickled by the little velvet bag... My daughter has one because she has Hope and Faith (on hold until she's older and more responsible) and I've been tempted to get a second set just so I could have the little bag for me.

When it rolled around to time for my break, the girl who was supposed to be relieving me at 5 came in... and instead of a break I got to go home early! (more squee!)

I got home in time to call the doctor about Emily's skin weirdness (which we decided on the phone was ringworm... no visit needed) got the name of the medicine, including the generic name... I love my pediatrician!, and had time to go out and aquire not only it but everything else I intended to shop for this weekend. So now I don't have to go anywhere until Monday morning and can spend the time cleaning, packing up rollerballs and working on the library.

By the way... does anybody know what's up with the contraceptive sponges? They seem to have vanished from everybody's shelves again.

We got home in plenty of time for 80s to visit after work which was really fun. Next week we're planning on playing Jack or watching a movie or something since we haven't done either in quite awhile.

So now I have an entire day at home cleaning and playing... so it looks like this will be a Super Saturday! (Is that sad that a great day is one I get to spend working on my projects? Maybe I'm just getting old...) I'm planning on popcorn and a movie tonight while I'm doing some of the more sedentary projects... I haven't decided on a movie yet but I do still have Perfume to watch after Emily goes to bed.

Day 3147

Jun. 17th, 2008 11:56 pm
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I have just finished what I can do on the library tonight.

And I am fit to be tied! There were a couple of different kinds of tape... and stickers... all over the walls, nails, an entire package of thumb tacks, cup hooks and more on the walls and the ceiling. In addition to the "murals" and all the writing in magic marker. (and some of the stuff she wrote is stuff I don't want to know about my daughter, my parents or anyone else I'm not actually sleeping with!)

To top it all off, the trim strip won't come off. The front came off... but the paper backing won't turn loose. I guess I'm going to have to sand it off. In all events, I can't jump right into painting, I have to repair the walls first... and when I went to check my spackling, it's all dried up, of course. So I can't do any more tonight.

This floors me because I keep expecting my girls to be more like me. When I was a teen, I hated the pink that my mother painted my room. So I put up posters to cover as much of it as I could. I also had things like an incredibly long gum paper chain, a patchwork leather cowboy hat and the old mailbox from our house hanging on the walls. And, since I couldn't afford stained glass, I painted the window. (Yellow Submarine and other pictures in the panes) But none of it damaged anything! The paint was even washable so the window could be cleaned with soap and water if/when the house was sold. (On an interesting side note, a gay couple bought the house... they liked the window so much that it is still there!)

In other news, it looks like I am going to be working in frozen foods more... they like the way I front stuff! This causes some conflict with the front-line supervisor who wants me up front where I'm scheduled. There just might be such a thing as being too good at your job! But in any event, I should take my shower at night and not go in with wet hair any more... just in case.

I had to reorder decanting supplies today... at lunch because they aren't open before I go to work or after I get off. A cell phone and a folder full of papers with my sack lunch and I managed it... although I am not happy about the increased prices. I understand them but that doesn't mean I have to like them and it does mean I'll have to go up a little bit on wandcaps.

Day 3264

Feb. 18th, 2008 06:45 pm
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I've had a busy weekend doing not much of anything at all. I did manage to get Eliz's phone swapped over into her name. She was terribly mad that she had to pay an extra $150 deposit over the deposit I had already paid... the difference between having excellent and established credit and just starting to build your credit.

She is going to get her license next Wednesday she tells me and then I have requested next Monday off so we can get the car swapped into her name (and emissions, tag, title etc)and then the only thing left will be insurance on the car.

I don't think she has the first clue just how much more stuff she's going to have to do. Deposits and getting utilities turned on, etc. All the general stuff that's always been beneath her notice because that was something for the Mom-unit to do. I notice that her world view is unequal... it's ok for her to treat me one way but katie-bar-the-door if anyone treats her that way.

My very very old cat suddenly has a swelling on the side of her face. It does not seem to be sore or bothering her very much so I'm going to give it a couple of days before I take her to the vet. Mostly because I know what they are going to say... I should put her to sleep. Maybe so, but until she's uncomfortable or hurting, I don't see any reason to.

No school today and no postal service so I will have to mail packages tomorrow. I am going to have quite a few but almost all of them are pre-paid so it's a matter of running in and dropping them off before work.

Speaking of which, I leaned over today to fix a problem with someone's order and he took a big sniff and said "You smell nice!" (I was wearing Madame Moriarty) I just smiled at him and said "Why, thank you!" (Sometimes living in the South has it's advantages) Just in case anyone wants to think it was more than a compliment on my perfume, the gentleman in question was with his boyfriend so I don't think so. :D

In spite of not having much to do this weekend, I still did not finish cutting out as much fabric as I have for the Storm at Sea quilts and I also did not finish even one turn quilting on Merry Halloween. *pout* I did manage to get to the SAS store and get some decent work shoes in brown... consequently, my knee does not hurt as much tonight as it might otherwise do... my feet only hurt up to the ankle instead of all the way up to my hips. This is a good thing!

Day 3278

Feb. 4th, 2008 09:04 pm
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It has been a Monday from Hell.

I got Emily to school ok... later I discovered that I neglected to send her lunch money (don't worry, they don't make the kids go without lunch in such situations) and, on top of that, she has been spending extra every day. I'm about to make her start taking her lunch again!

Also her teacher wants a conference. It seems that Emily is not turning in her work on time. Not her homework... which I have some chance of effecting... but her class work. Now, how am I supposed to make her hurry up and finish her class work if I am not in the class?

When I got home, I buckled down and did all my filing. And then I started my taxes. Which included stopping and trying to remember how much inventory I had on January 1. And do I have to file stuff on the money Dad left me? Or not? (I think not) And what about state sales tax? Do I have to file it on everything? Or just the rollerballs? Or nothing at all since I have made about $45 net profit all together? ($112 if I don't have to file state sales tax on anything at all... in the negative if I have to file it for everything.)

When Eliz got up we took her new car and went to get her diploma... and then let her drive around a parking lot and a little bit on the road home. Consider that I am phobic about cars at the best of times... this was highly stressful!

Then I tried to finish my taxes before Emily got home... I did not make it and she did not get any computer time because she kept restarting the machine instead of doing homework... and I had a pep rally at work tonight. I get to open the store at the grand opening on Wednesday... if you're in town, come by and see us, we'll be open at 8am.

Work was actually the really good thing about today. They took us around and showed us some of the selection we'll have in the deli (150 cheeses and butter from Ireland and that's just the beginning!) produce (things there I've never even seen before and had to ask about and organic choices for almost everything) and meat market (anyone for 2 for 1 lobster tails? How about antibiotic free chicken?)

There is also the coolest kiosk... it has ideas for dinner (and lunch... and breakfast). Sorted by things like "Fast and Easy" "Kid Friendly" "Diabetic" "Vegetarian" and more. It gives you the recipe and, if you print out the recipe (!!!) it puts the items into a virtual shopping list. Which you can then print out the list and have everything you need on there to make any of the recipes you selected. It will also give you the nutritional values of the recipes... and tell you what would be a good thing to have with it... and which wine would go well with it. I'm in love with that kiosk!

When I left the store, I met one of the other mothers from my daughter's school. They thought, with all the cars there, that we must be open already... we chatted for a few minutes and she'll be back at 8 on Monday. :D

When I got my mail today, I had a lovely swap package in it... and the crown jewel of the swap package was an imp of Pinched with Four Aces. I opened it to sniff and promptly had my first bad spillage accident... my room will smell awesome now for awhile and I sopped up the traces on the floor with my robe so maybe I'll get to have it for more than tonight. *sigh* And I do like it so much.

I'm having a brandy-coffee and changing into my great smelling robe and out of these shoes. I may not be up very much longer.
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Ok.. now that I am awake, there is more news.

I found the perfect artwork for the huge empty space over my bed... it's the 1997 poster from the Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters Oregon. (Picture here.) Fortunately, I am not having to pay quite that much for it. I wrote Mr McGregor and pleaded my case (which is that I love that piece of art but there's no way I could afford it) and he has found me one at a discount because of corner damage. I'm going to frame it anyway, I couldn't care less if the corners are battered. I'm a quilter not an art collector.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I finished the last set of shelves in my sewing room. I still need to get the treadle machine down from the attic and refurbish it but now I have a corner to put it in. I also need to work on the door. It has fallen aslant and only latches properly with a great deal of effort. This is not acceptable... I want to be able to use that door as much as I want and not have to take ten minutes to make sure it's closed when I do.

There is a bear in the neighbourhood... one of the neighbours saw it crossing the road in our woods the other day. Also Simba-of-the-Bent-Ear has not come home. I am afraid he has encountered the bear. (Or the wolves or something like that.)

80s has done something amazing and perfectly foolish. The other day he went out (in this heat!) and put the engine back in his car... all by himself. I don't know whether to be admiring that he managed it... or furious that there wasn't even anyone else at his house when he did it. I have kind of settled on being quietly both and ignoring the visions I have of the cherry picker falling over on top of him on that slanted gravel driveway.

My trainee finally showed back up to work yesterday. There was a miscommunication on which days she was supposed to be working. Since I am about sick of all the extra work time and we haven't hired anyone else, she is not going to be fired.

This week at work has been a right hair-puller so far. First, it's the first of the month so I have lots of extra work anyway with closing out the books and figuring up statistics and taxes for July. Then day before yesterday, I get a call from someone who says we have bought a huge ad with them... where is it? Well, this is the first I have heard of it so I got them in touch with Sarah. Yesterday morning I came in and the request for a 9" X 7" ad was on my desk. Make this up ASAP since it was supposed to go to the printer back in June. So I dropped everything else and hacked up ad copy and emailed it off.

But it doesn't end there... I'm getting back to my usual first-of-the-month work... and this woman calls and tells me the ad will be in black and grey... all that colour I used is going to just look like blobs... and it's all wrong. It's top-heavy and unbalanced... and it's not camera ready because it's too big. I talked her through using her graphics editing software to crop down to the size needed (my program will NOT spit out a 9" X 7" copy... the best I can do is 8.5" X 11" but I left in crop marks for her to follow) Then I go back to the ad... remake it in black and white (her software would have done that too but it was too hard to explain it over the phone) and email it off again. What I want to know is how do you call yourself a publisher and tell someone that you'll make up the ad for them (which is why I never heard about it... Sarah was told that all she needed to do was submit the logo file) when you don't even know how to crop a jpeg file? Idiot.

I love my job but that was unnecessary.

Oh no! I just realized... when I take down the quilt to mail it off to State, I will loose my design wall too! I'll just have to hang a piece of white cloth up in it's place.
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What is it with the child proof medicine caps? The average two year old can get into them better than any adult and yet they keep making them. They aren't child proof, they are just annoying.

I have had a better incentive to loose weight than anything that's ever happened to me now. Emily was watching a commercial for some weight-loss pill and told me that we should get them. I told her that the last thing in the world she needed was weight-loss pills, that she was just perfect (she's a bit on the skinny side anyway). Then she hit me with "Not for me, Mom. For you." Oops! I have no intention of ordering some supposed weight-loss drug... but I've got to get down to a point where she doesn't think that way. I know, her idea of what people should look like comes from Barbie and movies... I'm not doing that. Nor am I going to get down to the same rail thin as her two favorite teachers. I'll get down to what is healthy for me and then explain to her why thinner is not a good idea.

I had an unexpected two days off (one of them was scheduled and the other was due to rain) and I got quite a lot of quilting done around everything else that needed to be taken care of. I'm at the point where I've got the rest of this row and the bottom borders and I'll be finished with this quilt. Wheee!

I keep thinking I need to sort through my fabric and put it in some kind of order... and then I remember that it's in almost as good an order as I can manage from the last time I did this. Fabric scraps are, by nature, chaotic. I still need to set aside the money to build one more set of shelves for the sewing room... and then I'll have the space to get the treadle machine down from the attic and clean and repair it. If I remember correctly, the only things it needs are some woodwork on the table and a belt.

October being almost upon us, I've been thinking about Halloween. Emily is not going to get to go Trick-or-Treating this year... we had too many problems with all that candy last year. So we're going to carve a jack-o-lantern and pop some popcorn and watch a scary movie. With an eye towards this, I dragged out my copy of Halloween (which is my yearly Halloween movie) to preview it and see if it was fit for Emilys to watch. I like it because it's seasonal and not too scary... to me. It is NOT fit for her... can someone suggest a good Halloween movie for a small girl who is quite impressionable?

The clock has decided to run and run properly. I promise, I'm never ever going to overwind it again! That was much too much work to get it reset.

Oh, thinking of popcorn... if you have a chance, buy it from the Boy Scouts. They've got Orville beat hands down for good popcorn that all actually pops!

I heard from my Dad. He called last night with his six month doctor's report (which I already had from Blake). He's not on any regular medication (something the doctor couldn't believe at his age), he's in excellent health and plans to live to be 100. Very excellent!

8 more days and I get to begin my new job. Still very excited about that. Emily brought home a paper from school telling about the date and time for the annual Fall Carnival and I was looking at the times.. and then I realized that I don't have to opt out this year... I'll be home in plenty of time to take her. It's the Friday after I start my new job and I'll be getting off at 3:30... so getting home by 6 pm will be easy and if we stay out a bit too late... well, I don't have to get her up in the morning because I won't have to work the next day. That feels so amazing!
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I've always maintained that September was a month of surprises and new beginnings for me. (It also happens to be one of my favorite months.)

Something really good and really unexpected happened today... the last few minutes before we closed the store, one of my favorite customers called and offered me a job. Inside... 40 hours a week or close to it... not weather dependant... Monday through Friday... $8 an hour. Uhhh... how fast can I say yes? There aren't any benefits.. she runs her own small business.. but I don't have benefits where I am anyway. And she wants me. Not just someone who can do the job but me, specifically. That feels so marvelously good! The funny thing is that, while she's a customer of mine, I'm also a customer of hers... She's a massage therapist and when I have gotten into a bind that I couldn't work out, she's fixed it for me. Now, for various reasons, she needs a receptionist who can also be a cashier, a sales person, do a bit of data entry.. ie, a girl Friday. Sounds like what I'm doing now except for the heavy physical part. And I get to wear real clothes and not feel like I've been dipped in grease after work. I could even go straight from work to a PTA meeting... something I could not do now.

It's time I got rid of this permanent tan I've had for the last four years... and the impending skin cancer that goes with it.

I'm very excited... and a bit nervous. I always am when I'm starting a new job. I won't actually be starting for a little bit. I want to give notice where I am and smooth over any bad feelings... especially since the owner of the business I now work at is a client where I am going!
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I got in to work today only to find that the manager had called in sick and I was running the store.

Surprise, surprise!

Part of today's work included doing payroll which I was hard pressed to do because it was a beautiful sunny Saturday and my own job was keeping me busy enough, never mind Ryan's job too. And then I get a call from two of the new guys telling me that they were going to be late because they had to find a ride. Okay, okay... so I finally get to stop long enough to do payroll and a police officer (who is also a regular customer) comes into the office and says he's taking one of the new boys (who just got there after being over an hour late) away because he has outstanding warrants. Another surprise. I did have the presence of mind to ask him to remove his uniform shirt before they stuffed him in the squad car.

The day finally limps it's way to a close and I go home. This is not rest... Emily has been good except for rolling in the dirt so she goes in the bathtub immediately. Liz doesn't even let me put down my things before she tells me that she has good news and bad news. The day being what it has been, I ask for the bad news first. So she tells me that she has thrown away my cigarettes... I'm going to quit smoking.

Now, understand, I want to quit... but not on command (that just rubs me wrong) and when I decide to. I don't like being ordered to do anything... so then she tells me that she won't tell me the good news. (Okay, I did react badly... I growled at her. I did NOT jump up and down or scream... and that was the last pack I had in the house. Under the circumstances, I thought I was almost calm.) Then I find out that she doesn't want me to quit because she cares one damn thing about me... but simply because she has cleaned the house and doesn't want it to smell like smoke any more.

So I get Emily in bed (and Liz swears at her for complimenting her on making dinner) and I go take a shower. When I'm clean, I come back and, trying to get off on a better foot, ask her if she would like a quilt. Oh no... it would smell like smoke. (which is nicer than the way she said it.)

When I got home today, all I wanted was loving and petting... both giving and getting... and that's just what I'm not going to get.


Day 4825

Aug. 9th, 2005 08:07 pm
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I'm been awfully busy lately. Someone broke a window at work Saturday night and while they didn't get anything the window has become one more thing on our list of things to be fixed. While we were discussing the window, I again brought up the subject of scheduling since my schedule will have to change once school starts. So now the owner has finally decided that it's worth the extra $25 for Emily's daycare in the morning for me to keep opening and closing the store on the manager's day off.

Bother. I don't want to be the assistant manger.. I don't want to be any kind of manager! Even if it's only two days a week that still takes me away from my girls too much and they don't get food on time or bed on time.

In a related story, I am beginning to think that part or all of Emily's problem is sleep deprivation. The child will not go to sleep when she should and this means she never is ready to get up in the morning... which means she's always somewhat sleep deprived. I've started her on a nutrition supplement that I hope will help some... because the ritalin is obviously not doing enough any more.

Since tomorrow is Emily's school registration (as well as garbage day) and what with everything happening at work, I really haven't had time to get either stressed or much depressed about tomorrow which is a good thing.

I am also having a slow fight with 80's. His girl is in town (and it was delightful to see her! My manager thinks she's hot.) so we haven't been able to talk (if that's what one would call it) long enough to sort through it. I suppose it will keep. I wish I thought it would go away... but I know better. he's mad at me and until he's grouched at me enough, he'll stay mad at me. I suppose that's why they dropped stuff off at work today... he can avoid talking to me for weeks if he doesn't have anything of mine to return. So that's one more distracting, upsetting thing.

Later: After having thought about it, I think I am not so unhappy to be me. I'm not "hot"... but I'm so healthy it's almost scary and I guess healthy and alone is better than sick and "hot".

Much later: Birthday at 1:30 am... I don't know if I'll sit up for this one. Somehow it's not as exciting any more as it once was. My brother has sent me a card saying "I suppose birthdays are necessary......... but every damned year?!?" Maybe next year I will abstain from having a birthday.

Day 4840

Jul. 25th, 2005 08:42 pm
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Today has been a series of totally unrelated events... the only connecting factor has been that I was there for all of them.

The heat index was nasty... when the temperature of the air is greater than the temperature of your body, there is a problem! There was someone on the schedule who could have given me a break (or two... I managed to give everyone else three spaced out 30 minute breaks to get cool and rehydrated) but he didn't show up. Neither did a couple of other people so I had about half the people I should have had. Fortunately the radio has been warning people to stay indoors and not get out if they don't have to. Oh well, I had to... for about 11 straight hours. I bless the person who posted something about putting ice in one's bra... it cured my "I've been out in the sun for far too long" headache this afternoon.

This morning I got another interesting duty by way of being MOD today. There was a black widow spider next to the front door so I got to turn to and become an exterminator. I am happy to report that black widows will succumb to ant spray if liberally applied.

My Harry Potter book is finally here and I forsee another sleepless night. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't spent most of last night with the latest Sneakie Pie Brown mystery, on loan from the library. I am cognizant that library books, unless new releases, do not have to be returned for a month... but if I didn't want to read it, I wouldn't have checked it out, you know?

Emily choked at dinner and, for the first time in my life, I preformed the Heimlich maneuver. Successfully, fortunately... those things you learn in life-saving at camp do come in handy at the oddest moments.

More on Emily... she managed to trip and tear her big toenail half off Saturday night. While I was bandaging her up and calming her down, I reminded her that I must have told her a hundred times not to run through the house and this is why. (Thank heavens, 80s was here for a Saturday night visit! He fetched bandaids and ice so that I didn't have to try and do that while simultaneously hanging on to the bleeding toe.)

If I want to enter this quilt in the fair this year, I have to quit reading so much and get to work.

Later: Emily had a tick on her back when she got out of the shower... why can't they make Frontline for kids? It works so well on the cats!

Day 4842

Jul. 23rd, 2005 06:18 am
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    Statement as of 4:30 AM EDT on July 23, 2005

    ... High heat indices anticipated this weekend and early next week...

    The combination of temperatures in the 90s and humid conditions
    ... Will create heat indices ranging from the upper 90s in northeast
    Tennessee and southwest Virginia to near 105 degrees across most of
    southeast Tennessee by Monday afternoon.

    The heat index is an estimated temperature considering the
    additional effects of humid air on the human body. Humid air slows
    the cooling effects of evaporation... thereby making it feel hotter
    than actual air temperature because perspiration is evaporating less
    from your body. Both the temperature and heat index are measured in
    the shade. Direct exposure to the sun can add another 15 degrees of
    stress to your body.

    (Oh boy... 120°F.)

    Sunstroke... heat cramps and heat exhaustion will be possible with
    prolonged exposure and or physical outdoor activity.

    (You mean, like my job?)

    Some heat wave safety tips are...

    Slow down and try to schedule strenuous outdoor activities during
    the coolest times of the day... such as the morning and late evening.

    (Which means we will be busiest in the middle of the day.)

    Drink plenty of water or other non-alcoholic beverages.

    Dress for Summer and avoid getting too much sun. Sunburn makes the
    job of heat dissipation that much more difficult.

    (Wear Suncreen! Yeah, my mantra)

    Spend more time in air conditioned places.

    (Instead of outside where I'll be working.)

    Remember to think about your pets as well. Make sure your
    outside pets have access to shade and plenty of clean water.

Fortunately, I'm somewhat acclimated!
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God, what a hell of a day.

I was MOD when Heidi cut the tip of her finger off and then I get the manager and the owner second guessing me. My attitude toward this is "If you wanted it done your way, you should have been here. You left me in charge, I dealt with it my way."

My way, of course, was to call 911 and get an ambulance to come and get this poor hysterical girl before she passed out and see what could best be done for her. I had Debbie (what a trooper!) and Allen hold her down (laying down) and elevate her hand and keep pressure on it. Debbie also managed to keep her from passing out by talking to her while I called 911 and the owner. Who told me I should have just taken or sent her to to doc-in-the-box. Hell, I don't know where the DITB is close to where I work. I did what I've been trained to do since I was 2 yrs old and called 911. I don't care if it costs $300... Chip should have insurance. Not my look-out if he doesn't. Heidi deserved professionals who knew how bad (or not) it was and could calm her and give her pain meds on the way down. She's only 18... of course she's scared to death. Somehow, my car is not equipped with either morphine or a radio or sirens... I don't know how that happened. Gross oversite on my part, I'm sure. I sent her boyfriend down after her... he would have been useless the rest of the day with worry and since they live together he's more her immediate family than her mother... although I did try to call her mother third and gave her boyfriend instructions to do that while he followed the ambulance to the hospital. (I deal with realities, not legalities.)

On the good side of the day, my new room is almost finished. By the time I get home from work tomorrow, it should have everything done except paint, stain and trim strip which is mine to do. I also, of course, have to clean the windows and everything before I move anything in.

Whew! I've had TWO scotch on the rocks.. and before dinner too. Can you tell?
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I went to work today inspite of stormy skies... and found that Ryan decided to take today off... and tomorrow... and Monday. Is it my imagination or am I managing that store more than he is? Today we had two new employees that I had to do the paperwork on and they'll be showing up for their first day of training tomorrow. I just hope Ryan remembers to stop by the store long enough to set them up in the computer... I possibly won't have time to figure it out and I certainly have never been shown how. It has also been suggested that I go through the applications and call some promising people in for interviews. I think I am doing Ryan's job as well as my own (both of them and that only counts the ones I have at work). I'm certainly there more than he is.

He was there yesterday... which is just as well since there were only 4 of us that showed up and no one even got a break. Very irritating since I had chores planned to do on my lunch hour. On the up side, Chip did buy us lunch and we did get to eat some of it while it was still hot. (mmm... Krystals! You have to be southern to understand.)

My room still is not finished. This guy has promised to finish it "this weekend" for four weeks running and hasn't hit a lick on it. He made the same promise today... somehow I don't much believe him. I do wish he'd at least hang the door... the wasps are beginning to build nests on my new ceiling.
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Since I had Friday (DHS appointment) and Monday (Emily's Team appointment) off, I had to work all weekend. This might not have been all too bad except that Saturday I agreed to let Ryan take Sunday off as I would be there anyway. This was a mistake. I came in Sunday morning to find that he had left me no change whatsoever and I had to scramble all day to make it up.

Last night I got a message from him on my answering machine telling me that he was planning to take today off as his second day this week. Okay, well, Tuesdays are not usually very busy. That dirty weasel! He didn't tell me that yesterday and today were the two days that the Coca-Cola company washes all it's vans, trucks and cars with us (known as "Coke" day). This means that the second day is always a mad house because none of the guys come in the first day. (If it wasn't for the 11th hour, nothing would ever get done.) Over half our business today was Coke trucks and we were as busy as a Saturday. And the dirty weasel knew it and talked Chip (the owner) into letting him take today instead of tomorrow as Chip wanted... and then told me that Chip wanted him to take today. (He did leave me change and an almost reasonable staff, however, so I almost forgive him.)

If you are wondering why we have so many Coke trucks in town, Chattanooga is the home of the original Coca-Cola bottling company. And McKee Bakery that makes Little Debbies. (Okay, McKee is in Collegedale.. I go past there on my way to work... but it's the same county.) And the birthplace of Krystal hamburgers (known as White Castles in the north but they were here first) and BurgerKing. And you thought we only had trains...

In other news:

Emily's appointment yesterday was in the afternoon so I spent the morning unloading the china cabinet, moving it and pulling up the carpet in that corner of the room, cleaning up and putting everything all back. All because Comstock (my oldest cat and the only female) has become so old that it is hard for her to go down the hall to the cat box and I couldn't get the smell out of the carpet. This is a little premature, I was going to replace the carpet with hardwood tiles but not until after she died and the girls were older. She now has a cat box in the living room which she has shown appreciation for by using it.

I take note that she did not find it too hard to go down the hall Sunday night to sleep with me in my bed. I've had a really bad chest cold... sore lungs, the works... and I woke up Monday morning with Comstock laying next to my legs and purring hard. She must have had a dreadful time getting up on the bed... she can't jump anymore and she can barely climb onto the couch and my bed is high. But she must have thought I needed cat-purrings. And she was right. I had been waking up every hour from coughing and she managed to keep me asleep for almost 4 which did me worlds of good.

I must be an okay person for my cats to love me that much.


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