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7. The Toothpaste Millionaire by Jean Merrill (Rating- )
This is a re-read as well... but it is really one of the best children's books ever! I perused it tonight looking for a recipe for baking soda toothpaste.

Here's the thing- Shampoo is covered... even if I decide that Lush is too expensive (which, so far it's actually less expensive than Pantene) shampoo bottles are recyclable. Ditto conditioner. Soap (for me) comes in cardboard boxes wrapped with paper... all recyclable. Razor blade cartridges can be recycled with a little work... which is a good thing because I am not about to give up shaving... but I can have my Mach 3 and recycle too so that's all good. So now I'm looking at the rest of the necessary toiletries.

Toothpaste- Tom's of Maine makes a natural toothpaste with a recyclable tube (throw it in with your tin cans). Which is great but Tom's costs a small fortune. So maybe I can make my own? The only trick will be getting Emily to use it. When I brushed with straight baking soda, I had healthier teeth than I have ever had before or since.

Toothbrushes are something else to look at. You're supposed to replace them 4 times a year. I use the old ones for dirty scrubby jobs... but then what? Do they have to hit the landfill too?

Henna- It comes in cardboard but then there is cellophane inside that. Very little, it's true... but still. I think I should try Lush's and see if I like the results (and the packaging)... or give it up altogether. It's really just vanity anyway and I should resign myself to the fact that no matter what I do, I'll never actually be pretty.

Deodorant- I'm trying a Lush solid right now... if it works, I may have that licked too.

Face cream- Never had one before but I need one now (my skin is getting dry in the winter for the first time ever) so I can simply choose one that is natural and in recyclable packaging.

Lotion- Still questing for the perfect lotion bar. I like Coon's Farm pretty well but it wears off quickly and doesn't absorb until it wears off. I could take Bag Balm and make a solid out of it... except that it smells medicinal.

All else is persiflage. I won't throw away the lotions etc that I have now... but I'll not be buying any more of them. Probably no more hand soap either since regular soap will do as well and is less expensive. I gave up make up almost entirely years ago and I really don't have to have bath salts, scrubs or bubble baths.

On a semi-related note, I won't be buying any more gum either. Most of it comes packed in paper which is fine... but then covered with cellophane which is not. Also? Does gum biodegrade? I shouldn't think it would...

And the non-recyclable, non-biodegradable bits of cigarette and cigarette packaging give me one more reason I should quit smoking.
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I've been working on my Cherry Hill Sampler quilt. So far, I have the center done... borders tomorrow if I'm industrious (and nothing happens). Which may mean pictures tomorrow... maybe. I won't have the appliques on the four sides and I may hold off on pictures until I have those.

I'm also considering what to do with the Yellow Submarine fabrics. They include four "pillow" panels and I think I might make those the four corners and have an appliqued central square of the Yellow Submarine itself. Not sure what to do with the setting blocks yet and the quilting design is totally up in the air. Maybe waves? All suggestions entertained...

I still haven't gotten the Halloween tablecloth completely hemmed and it and the napkins still need their candy corn appliques... which I have yet to make.

I need to finish more projects before I start new ones. Bad wren! I definitely flit too much.

I did get my logic book finished... no kudos on that one... I've had the new one waiting for almost a month so I'm actually behind. (I decided to have a Karma bath tonight for no good reason so I finished the book in the bath. Yay, Karma!)

I need to read more.

So... New Year's Eve tomorrow. Since I have to work, I'll raise a glass at midnight but have no other plans. Instead, I get a three day weekend this week... and maybe I can finish some of these projects that are hanging fire. I'm not planning on making any real resolutions, as such, but I do intend to embark on the "No New Stuff" program for 2009 and see how economical and environmentally friendly I can make my life.

Starting with a watch... if this one quits again, I will have to get a new one- or at least a new to me one- and I'd really like something that does not take batteries. Solar powered or motion powered seems like the best option but I'll have to hunt around for one that is either one of those things and looks decent on me. (Which means small, plain and silver)

I'd also like to stop smoking and start exercising more... and reduce our meat/sweets intake. But I refuse to make resolutions since I've made them so many times before with no effect.

Last night I had a good chat with zenkitty_714... I keep meaning to tell you and forgetting that we got the box and thank you! I still haven't watched Mouse Hunt but I'm looking forward to it.

People are still emailing/PMing me about decanting supplies. *sigh* If I only had 72 hours per day... I would fill them all and still need more. Either I try to do too much or I'm very poor at time management... I'm uncertain which.

So... anybody got New Year's resolutions that they want to share?

*edit*: Someone has been all over my webshots page this week!
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trying not to spam your f-list too much )
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This is terrifying. From [profile] zenkitty_714's journal:


My comment:

Boy, that's a cheery article indeed! I wonder if I can still find milk in cartons without plastic caps? And where else I can take it out of my life. The odd thing is, I've always favored natural materials over plastic... wood, cotton, metal, wax. But the darned stuff is insidious as hell! I was pleased to note that the containers my salad comes in are plastic made from corn... this is a step in the right direction... but what is really needed is a way to clean up and truly destroy all those loose nurdles. Preferably while creating clean water and some energy at the same time.

Her reply:

There's already technology being developed (actually, I think it already works, but the company is reticent about it on their website, possibly because they haven't gone public yet, and their current facilities only handle agricultural waste) that can convert mixed plastics and tires into fuel. Currently, they convert agricultural waste, including carcasses, into fuel oil and clean water, safely and without waste of water and energy. It's pretty amazing.

"Post-consumer mixed plastics and tires convert into renewable fuels and recoverable minerals and metals. The major component of this feedstock is derived from crude oil; therefore, it makes technological sense that this material can be converted into renewable diesel and other products."

("Feedstock" refers to the waste material that's fed into the machine.)


But trying to clean up all the loose nurdles and plastic dust would be humanly impossible. We need someone to do it for us. I'm thinking plastic-eating bacteria that we could turn loose in the environment and let them do their thing (and be certain they were safe, of course). I think we already have, or are developing, such bacteria.

And my response:

I use very little plastic but it could be less. So I'm going to make it less. And Em and I have a recycling set up to go on the boards by the first of the year.

The place I notice that I could really reduce plastic is in food. Fresh food and cook it myself... least amount of plastic. And I need to find a butcher shop that still wraps things in butcher paper... or just have us go vegetarian all together. (Healthier, cheaper, better for the planet and the body... possibly the soul although I refuse to go there unless plied with much wine.)

I'm going to repost that link... every little bit helps and if we all reduce our usage, that will be something. Plus, all my friends are terribly bright and one of them may think of something I didn't and that will be something more.

Any other good ideas? Please remember that I have to live in the world, I have kids to care for and I am not only not made of money, I make very little.


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