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I decided to catalogue the massive obsessive perfume collection instead of everything else I was supposed to do today. Okay, I have a LOT of perfume!

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Sep. 14th, 2009 10:56 pm
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My love affair with hair jewels began quite a long time ago- at a science fiction convention in Kentucky. There was a woman selling hairsticks in the huxter room. I don't remember her name but she was vivacious and jovial, dressed in bright colours like an exotic bird and she wore her own bejeweled hairsticks in her masses of chestnut hair. Her displays were are creative as she was- beautiful bowls full of rice bristling with jewels of every colour. The year was about 1985, as I recall and, having researched it, I am pretty sure they were Mei Fa sticks.

I bought two pairs of beautiful sticks- one in blue and one in lavender- and I have no idea where they are now. I wish I did! She also had a carved jade set that was asymmetrical- one large flower and one simple slender bead. I could in no way afford it but I have never forgotten them.

Later- at a very bad and poor time in my life- I made myself another pair from chopsticks with a pocket knife and sandpaper. They were not ornamented and had a simple ball of wood above the main stick. I don't know where those are now either. Perhaps I gave them all away when I cut all my hair off. Foolish wren!

As my hair began to get longer, I began to think about getting another pair of hairsticks. I got a pair of simple wooden sticks that might as well have been chopsticks for all the shape they had and then I ordered a pair with jade balls to match my jade jewelry from ebay. Amusingly, I rarely wear my jade jewelry... but I wear those poor hairsticks almost every day now.

Since I currently have a job that hair jewelry is about the only jewelry I can wear (it's not prohibited, it just gets in my way) and since I have discovered Etsy and the huge range of beautiful hairsticks, I have garnered a bit of a collection. For my own purposes and because I am just that type of person, I want to catalog them here.

Babbling about hairsticks with pictures. You do not have to read further. Really. Totally unnecessarily long post. )


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