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I finished the library curtain. I think it looks terrible, Emily doesn't see anything wrong with it. What do you guys think?

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The table, refinished!


and... new hair pretties by Mei Fa.

honey hairsticks

Honey by Mei Fa

These are one of the pairs I decided to replace my lost Mei Fas with. I just love the brown tones- brown is highly underrated! I thought about trying to replace the actual sticks and decided that I'm not even the same person I was in my 20s and the sticks I want to wear on a daily basis aren;t the same either.

Day 7742

Mar. 23rd, 2011 06:19 am
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It's interesting how my perception of a "normal" day is so fluid and yet I think of it as a fixed concept.

In the last four weeks, I have had someone extra crashing at my house so he is here when I get home. This has become my "normal".

This week, Emily is off from school for Spring Break, I have to take Friday as my extra day off instead of Thursday and, after today, 80s will be at work by the time I get home until after I go to bed. So this week is distinctly not-normal and is consequently making me uneasy.

Next week, Emily will be back to school, I will be back to my schedule and 80s will have a more certain schedule. It will take a very short time before that becomes "normal" and I'll be more easy in my mind when that happens.

Then I will know when I can add in exercise, quilting and reading... even my logic puzzles will have to find a new (or new/old) slot in my weekly routine.

I like routines- they make me comfortable.

In other news, I am playing with hairsticks again so I'll have new pretties to show off soon and the hooks should be here today for my window scarf for the library. I may even take a little time tonight to make and hang the scarf and get that project signed off on.

Since the weather has turned out nicely for the weekend, I am also planning on stripping, refinishing and mending the dining room table. If I don't do it soon, I won't have a choice of when because one of the legs is getting very loose again and I can't just keep tightening it- it's going to fall off if I don't do something definitive. Gorilla Glue FTW!

Gorilla Glue is becoming my third 'must-have' in my toolbox of items no home should be without. #1 is duct tape- for things that move that shouldn't. #2 is WD-40- for things that don't move that should.
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fairytale window

I still have to make a drape to go over the top and down both sides from the white linen, buy some filials, install them and hang the drape.

But isn't it beautiful?!?

Panels made by Orca Glass

Day 7752

Mar. 13th, 2011 08:44 am
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Willie came and changed my window out yesterday. Yay! now all I have to do is hang my panels and trim it out and make a new window treatment and I will have my window. I'm going to try to get that done in the evenings this week so I'll have my all quilting day on Saturday.

I splurged on some wine last night called Red Decadence. It's flavored with dark chocolate and is simply wonderful as an after dinner sipping wine. I also got Barista which has coffee with red wine. We'll try that tonight.

The reason I was buying wine- very angry at my Mom )

I've been working on Don't Go Out A-Lone Star- the points are going to take me somewhat longer than I thought but then I get to the spiderwebs after that. I'll probably work on it some Saturday but I also plan to clean some in the sewing room and get Granny's Quilt on the frame so I can start work on it for Emily.
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From yesterday:

Quilt approval committee approves this quilt.

I've been busy today. I built the bedside table- I'm not sure but I think I want it higher. I also have to figure out how to accomplish this.


And, surprise! I found a file cabinet that looks right in my library- now I have to sort and file everything. How long do I have to keep documents for legal purposes? I think I could probably do a major cleaning right about now.


I also cleaned all the floors, got the car emissions test, ordered the library window, installed a door stop and a register cover in my room, did the laundry and got the recycling taken to the center.

Whew! Maybe I should not want days off- I tend to do more on my days off than I do on days I work.

Day 1781

Feb. 13th, 2011 07:13 am
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I am finally going to replace the bedside table with this one:

I found other places online where it was cheaper- but Amazon has free shipping on this one so they have the lowest total price. It should be here by early March.

I'll have to put some feet on it to get it as high as I want it but that's easily done- and I think I can find some pretty wooden feet without too much trouble. I may also make the faux drawer face into real drawers- that will be more difficult but not beyond my ability. I should have read more closely, I thought they were real drawers when I ordered it.

Yesterday I managed to get everything I needed to do done except the mopping- that will have to wait. I'm proud of this because I was beyond sleep deprived and into almost hallucinogenic. After work today, I plan to do nothing but shower and quilt. As long as you don't mind being on speaker phone, it would be a good day to talk to me!

The dog did let me sleep until 6 this morning. Better than before but I set the alarm for 7 so it could have been better yet. Since I apparently was so tired I didn't turn the alarm on, this is not actually a bad thing.

Day 1795

Jan. 30th, 2011 08:28 am
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I got some bad news on Friday- Emily does have state insurance- they reinstated her. But because of the bobble, it's a different type and they canceled her old insurance... and the new one does not take effect until February 1. This would have never been noticed if I hadn't needed to refill her prescription Friday. As it is, I have just barely enough meds to get her through Tuesday morning. Thankfully, I'll be able to pick up her prescription Tuesday so I won't have to send her to school without meds. That would be a recipe for sheer disaster.

I also got a bill last week for a doctor's visit that I paid over two years ago. They're re-billing me and saying I still owe it and I can't get their customer service on the phone to fix it.

I did get my windows and they are beautiful and not broken but I won't be posting pictures until I have them hung which will take some time. I have to get our handyman to replace the library window before I can hang them and trim out the inside and he's slow... and I will have to special order the window which takes at least two weeks.

I did not get two other packages- one from England and one from Australia, that I ordered before Christmas. Grr!

Friday, a very very hot pan got dropped on the kitchen floor... and melted part of the vinyl. Since I was already planning to replace the floor this is a very minor annoyance, I just need to come up with the money sooner... like as soon as I finish the library window. And no, nobody was badly burned, thank goodness!

Add to that I hurt all over and you've got one pretty miserable, stressed wren.
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I was going to go look at how far my windows had progressed- they look like they are done!! Oh happy day, calloo, callay!

Now comes the mailing and installing of them...
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Today is a good day.

It really has been, mostly, inspite of starting out wrong footed. My Jeeves alarm clock went foz-watts this morning- fortunately at the time I was supposed to get up.It turns out that the batteries I thought I recharged fully were out of juice due to the battery charger acting up. So clock is, I think, fixed and no need to return it or get another one.

When I got home I was spinning in circles from all the things I wanted to do today. So instead, I popped in the DVD for loosing weight via hypnosis. Oddly, it took an hour and a half out of my day but instead of putting me behind, I actually got almost everything I wanted to do done. Bank and post office will have to wait until Friday and Saturday, respectively, and I didn't get any work done on my quilt although I did get work done on Robert's.

I also got a nap- FTW!

And I fixed the dryer vent- again- because Shredder lives up to her name.

Exercises got done.

Dinner was herb crusted chicken with mushroom risotto and brussels sprouts (made with walnuts and raisins instead of pecans and cranberries because that's what I had in the house) and plain yogurt with blueberries for dessert. I did not have time to make the tofu spread I meant to but there's rice and brussels sprouts left over so I'll take that for lunch tomorrow and make the spread over the weekend. Um- where did I put the sprouts???

I also watched Briggadoon. Not something I really plan to keep. It was fun, once, but I'm not so thrilled with it.

I had planned to watch the video of stopping smoking as well but since I have to listen to a CD for 20 minutes every day to reinforce the hypnosis suggestion, I'll wait until I've got the weight loss firmly entrenched before I go making more changes. One thing at a time.

I think I may have mentioned that I plan to put a diamond paned window in the library. Almost everyone I contacted about a window to my dimensions wanted $2000 - $3000- except for Jay at Orca Glass. He says he can do it for under $600 and, while the shipping is ghastly, I can manage it.

I'm not asking if I should do this or not- I am doing it. But I am asking the f-list about curtains. Right now I have a white linen frill at the top and a half panel that covers the bottom. Privacy is not an issue (the window faces the forest and if there are any peeping tom deer out there they are welcome to watch me read all they want) and I don't want to cover up a window I'm having custom made. Should I just add side drapes to the frill? I have plenty of linen- I could put curtains up in most of Windsor Castle before I ran out- so I can do anything I think of. Should I remove the curtain all together and frame in the window with wood or stone? (Kind of liking the stone idea- but how to do it...) Suggestions requested!!
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I still need a new sofa and I'm going to strip and refinish the table and chairs (can't afford the custom ones that I'd really like to have made, these will have to do) but since I don't intend to start that until spring at the earliest, here is as good a place as any to call 'finished'. After all, the furniture is just decorating. Plus, when I can afford it, I want to replace the TV with a wall mounted flat screen. Eventually.

To refresh your memory on what it looked like then )

and what it looks like now )
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I feel totally set up by this- I even treated myself to a Hot Toddy bath and now I plan on watching some TV and mending the rest of the evening. Still working on getting the sewing room cleaned out...

Day 1859

Nov. 28th, 2010 06:24 am
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Progress has been made- the cabinets all have doors now.

Today I need to attack them with a sander, wood filler and touch up the stain (after both of those obviously) and then add the knobs and the cabinet will be finished. Once I borrow the belt sander from my mom, I should be able to finish up pretty quickly and I will try to post pictures tonight.

Then I need to finish cleaning the sewing room and put all my tools away for this year.

However, right now it is too cold to do either of those things (the sewing room is unheated) so I'm going to spend the chill part of the morning designing and printing invitations for Emily's birthday party next Saturday. I plan to take the kids to CiCi's Pizza and then take them to McKay's and let them pick out a book each. I have to ok with parents about which kinds of books their children are not allowed to read- too many parents are touchy about that when they should just be glad their child is reading anything at all.

If I have time left, I'm going to get to work on my holiday cards. I left it very late last year thinking I might not do it- and what a mess of stress that was!

Day 1865

Nov. 22nd, 2010 05:27 pm
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The rest of the weekend was better.

I got enough sleep (except for last night).

I managed to hang 4 doors on the cabinet and only have 4 left all of which should be easier.

I read a LOT- The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and Ever and Fairest (reread) by Gail Carson Levine.

I bought books. A 1874 Alta Edition of Jules Verne's Desert of Ice and 4 volumes (of a nine volume set) of The Works of Alexandre Dumas from 1893 and the aforementioned Ever. I also found a cover for the overhead light in the library and have decided that I need a banker's lamp for my desk and I need to change that window to diamond-paned glass. Anyone know anyone who does leaded glass windows?

On the down side, I cut my finger with the saw, I dropped a shelf on my foot (which caused a small cut and a large bruise) and sliced my thumb open with the screwdriver. *sigh*

In spite of that, I managed to get done with everything by 11 and shower and get in bed by midnight- so I was only going to be short about a half hour of sleep. At 2:30 the phone rang and after that it was past 4:30 by the time I could relax enough to get back to sleep. On top of a physically demanding day, this means I am major tired and very sore tonight.

I'm still hoping to get the last tricky door installed tonight though!

Day 1869

Nov. 18th, 2010 05:45 am
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Okay, I have to get the cabinet doors finished this weekend and no more fooling around and procrastinating. And then I have to put my tools away and clean up the sewing room- except for the papa-san chair that I will be taking to Eliz as soon as she and I can get together on our schedules.

Why the rush? I have been commissioned to make a quilt for a man named Robert. He's offered to pay me enough to make it worth my time to make him one (!!!!!) so I'm working on a design right now. And he wants it before cold weather next year- a king sized quilt- yes, I'm in a rush! I'll post as much as I have tonight- I still need to decide on borders and how to turn a square quilt (based on a lone star) oblong.

This pushes me to clean up the sewing room so I'll be able to find things and have a work area I like working in. I've already cleaned up the library so this will be the last trouble spot I've created for myself. I'm also going to try to get the rest of my projects lined up so that when I can't sew any more and have to take a break, I can work on one of them instead of sitting down at the computer. Also to get all the mending done so it is out of my way.
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... is that they are fitted.

I measured carefully, cut carefully... but I am working with boards not plastic and there is some variation and warping. This means that, while I hung two of the doors tonight, the rest are going to have to be trimmed. Just a quarter inch here and there- but still. So I'll be doing one door at a time and fitting it exactly. Slower but I'll get there in the end all the same. I also meant to get hinges that go on the inside and managed to get ones that go on the outside... but I have them and I'll use them. Sometimes my mistakes turn out so serendipitous that I have learned to just go with it.

Day 1938

Sep. 11th, 2010 07:44 pm
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Well I have made some progress on the cabinet doors- four of them are stained and glued where they need to be- I'm waiting on the stain to cure before I polyurethane them. Only four instead of all 12 because it's been raining on and off here- that and I don't have enough stain- this plywood is drinking it up like mad. However, slow and steady wins the race and I'm moving on it- abet slowly.

I also fixed the clock in the living room. It is now silent and keeps good time which is a vast improvement!

Household chores are almost done for the weekend so I'll have more time to spend on the cabinets and get some quilting in- woodworking and quilting does not mix well as hands have to be carefully cleaned after one before picking up the other!

I think I have found the coffee table I want on Etsy- I found two, as a matter of fact. The choice is now do I want the 17" table or the 10" table? I like the 10" table better but I do wish it was taller!


Thoughts, anyone?

I've also got the stripper to refinish the kitchen table and chairs- I still want the Serenity chairs but it looks like I'll have to have them custom made and that's going to run into money which I don't need to spend just now. And a new sofa... and a new TV mounted on the wall. *sigh* I sometimes feel like this is never ending! I wish I had enough money to just go and get everything done and have it all finished.

Day 1950

Aug. 30th, 2010 05:28 am
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I had so much to do this weekend, I can hardly believe I got it all done!

The cabinet doors are built. Next weekend, I need to fill in cracks with wood filler (and help Mom move everything in her kitchen to have new flooring put in) and then weekend after that, I need to stain them and then weekend after that, I need to hang them. That's going to be hard for one person, this is one of those times I wish I had some help- but I'll muddle through, I guess, since it's the only option. Then I can turn my attention to the furniture and the possibility of a new TV. I think I am going to have to wait for next year's tax refund for any of that...

I'm more than half way through my April block- and then I have three more before I'm done with this quilt! I really really want to start work on my Halloween Lone Star by the first of October and it's looking like it will be quite possible.

I also want to clean up the sewing room so I can be back to using it- once the cabinet doors are hung, I should be able to do that with little trouble since I'll be able to put all my tools away. There's still a bunch of work I want to do on the house but I think I can do it one little bit at a time because all the really big projects are finished.
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I'm having trouble motivating myself to get off my duff and finish these doors. That the temperatures are in excess of 100° could have something to do with it!


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