Day 2588

Nov. 3rd, 2008 07:15 pm
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Grrr! That woman!

I had today off... necessary since I had to take Emily to the doctor for her med check up.

I started out by taking her to school and having the conference that I didn't have Thursday... her teacher is going to make sure that everything gets into her bag and goes home with her. Embarrassing for her, to be treated like a first grader, but what else can be done?

Then I went to the post office (man, do I owe them cookies!) and got fussed at. Not for having so many packages but for skipping Friday and Saturday. (You don't call, you don't write... where were you?) While processing packages, I explained that I wouldn't be coming by nearly as often any more... which seemed to make my people sad.

Good heavens, was it really all that? I guess it was...

Then I returned my recalled White Rabbit candy and went to lunch with 80s where a good time was had by all. He was in fine form today and kept making me laugh.

Run back to school and pick up Emily and get her to the doctor. Dr changed her meds to 30mg of Vyvanse starting tomorrow and we'll see how it works. While we were there, I ran into the other front desk person from Sarah's office who is still there. I burbled about how well life was going for me and she grumbled about hers.

Then to Arby's to pick up dinner, at Em's request.

Then back to the doctor because we forgot to give Emily her flu shot. As it turns out, she got the nasal inoculation so "shot" is a misnomer.

We took a turn by 80s house to drop off something he inadvertently left in my car and then to my work to fill Em's new script and activate the "free 30 days" card they gave me since insurance wouldn't pay for it without Dr calling them first. If it works well, she'll call next week.

Then home to get Emily started on a huge pile of homework due to getting her out of school early.

In the middle of this, Sarah calls wanting to know why it was necessary to tell everyone I met that knows her just how happy I am and how much less stress I am under. After pointing out to her that I am happy and less stressed...and having her reiterate that I was 'talking down about her' and she 'always treated you well' and 'I thought we had a relationship' and some chomping about how little notice I gave her, I told her 'Sarah, it's not always all about you.' Which set her off even more... beginning with "F*ck you." To which I responded "Good evening, Sarah" and hung up.

WTF? What on earth is she thinking? Does she really think she is better than me that she should call me after almost a year and still expect me to play nice-y nice? This is exactly why my current job is so much less stressful. No one at work would dream of calling me at home to discuss something I said in a public place that they thought might reflect badly on them personally. Good God, lady, get laid and get a LIFE... that isn't mine!

Rather fortunately for all concerned, Emily got her homework done... neatly, quickly and well... and I got a PM from my switch witch to let me know who she is and that her planned final package is going to be late. I don't care, knowing who she is... and finding out just at that moment... was the tonic I needed against Toxic Sarah.
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My printer is smoking, I've had to change two of the six cartridges and my paypal is curled up in a corner and whimpering. I think the poor thing needs a therapist now. However, I have everyone who has paid (except those who paid by e-check- you know who you are!) packed up, labeled and ready to go out tomorrow morning.

I promised that I would post my suppliers ASAP for everybody that would like to start ordering direct. I know it's not as handy, but at least you won't have to go without.

Wand caps- Sunburst Bottle Company
    Here is the info you will need:
    Code: ROD1/4TV
    Description: 1/4 oz Glass Tester Vial Rod 18/425
    You have to call them or fax them your order and they don't take Paypal (but they do take the Paypal credit card that debits your Paypal account!) but they are very helpful and friendly and they do small orders so you don't have to order a ton.

Rollerball vials- Quosmedix
    You will have to order 240 of each of three pieces. Tell them to use your social security number as your tax id number and that you will do the sales taxes for your state yourself. (Then research it and do so... chances are, you won't owe any since it's interstate and for personal use) Also, they will replace broken vials... if you catch it quick enough! They have a 10 day limit on replacement so as soon as you get them, screw the lids on and email them about any that are cracked. Screwing on the lids lets you find all the ones that are cracked around the middle and makes sure they sent you all the lids they should have.

Vials with lids- Like everyone else, I get them from Madina
    You want the short glass vials and they sell as few as 100 at a time

Pipettes- Market Lab
    You want Pipette number ML0780 if you want the same ones I've always stocked

Round labels- U-line

Sheets of imp labels I get at Sam's, along with bubble mailers and bubble wrap. You want Avery 5160 labels. Sam's is also my source for packing tape, scotch tape, a postal scale and printer paper. They accept the Paypal credit card.

Werther's Butter Candy I get from Sweet Services

I think that's all the supplies. For resources, I have found Paypal shipping to be invaluable. To ship something for which you have no payment (say, a swap package): Swap shipping via paypal

To calculate shipping for postage: I use USPS and tell them large envelope unless it's over 13 oz. International shipping can also be calculated using that website.

Did I leave anything out?


Edit: I did leave something out! Plumber's Tape: I've been getting it off of ebay because I could find deals on lots of it but it's available at the hardware store in the plumbing aisle. I get the ½ inch tape in 520 foot rolls.

Day 3147

Jun. 17th, 2008 11:56 pm
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I have just finished what I can do on the library tonight.

And I am fit to be tied! There were a couple of different kinds of tape... and stickers... all over the walls, nails, an entire package of thumb tacks, cup hooks and more on the walls and the ceiling. In addition to the "murals" and all the writing in magic marker. (and some of the stuff she wrote is stuff I don't want to know about my daughter, my parents or anyone else I'm not actually sleeping with!)

To top it all off, the trim strip won't come off. The front came off... but the paper backing won't turn loose. I guess I'm going to have to sand it off. In all events, I can't jump right into painting, I have to repair the walls first... and when I went to check my spackling, it's all dried up, of course. So I can't do any more tonight.

This floors me because I keep expecting my girls to be more like me. When I was a teen, I hated the pink that my mother painted my room. So I put up posters to cover as much of it as I could. I also had things like an incredibly long gum paper chain, a patchwork leather cowboy hat and the old mailbox from our house hanging on the walls. And, since I couldn't afford stained glass, I painted the window. (Yellow Submarine and other pictures in the panes) But none of it damaged anything! The paint was even washable so the window could be cleaned with soap and water if/when the house was sold. (On an interesting side note, a gay couple bought the house... they liked the window so much that it is still there!)

In other news, it looks like I am going to be working in frozen foods more... they like the way I front stuff! This causes some conflict with the front-line supervisor who wants me up front where I'm scheduled. There just might be such a thing as being too good at your job! But in any event, I should take my shower at night and not go in with wet hair any more... just in case.

I had to reorder decanting supplies today... at lunch because they aren't open before I go to work or after I get off. A cell phone and a folder full of papers with my sack lunch and I managed it... although I am not happy about the increased prices. I understand them but that doesn't mean I have to like them and it does mean I'll have to go up a little bit on wandcaps.
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There is a new community that you guys might want to check out bpal_bidders.

For those of us who don't like not knowing who's bidding on a certain bpal on ebay!
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Or maybe not....

6:00 am Coffee, shower, breakfast etc.
8:15 am School
8:35 am Post office- drop off and collect packages
8:45 am Home to reorder vials, wandcaps and rollerballs
10:00 am Quarterly Meeting at work
11:00 am Home to finish ordering supplies from the West Coast, pack as much recycling as possible in the car and answer emails
1:00pm Back to school to pick up Emily. She was waiting for me outside the office which helped a lot
1:30 pm Doctor visit for Emily. Routine check up.Pick up shot records for Eliz and new prescription for Emily
2:30 pm Shopping for Science Fair supplies. I also found the perfect book shaped box for my Bpal Book of Days project
3:35 pm Home to let the service man in to fix the stove and get Emily going on all her homework
4:30 pm Answer emails
5:00 pm Start dinner (Steak, Marchand de Vin Sauce, mashed potatoes, yellow squash and asparagus)
6:30 pm Dinner. Make Emily eat 2 tiny spears of asparagus
7:00 pm Coerce Emily into the bathtub and clean up the kitchen
7:30 pm Spelling words test
8:00 pm Bedtime for Em
8:30 pm Chase Emily actually into bed
9:00 pm Forcibly turn out Emily's light and take book away from her
9:15 pm Greet 80s in a surprise visit
9:30 pm Chase Emily back to bed
10:00 pm Pack up decanting packages and swaps while talking to 80s about my woeful lack of Star Trek knowledge
12:00 pm Let Elizabeth and new boyfriend in to collect her towels, posters and books
12:30 pm See Eliz out
1:00 am Read news story with 80s about local house sale last week
1:30 am Play "You Don't Know Jack" (we shall cover the scores with the mantle of oblivion!)
2:00 am Let you guys know what I have been doing all day
2:15 am Logic Puzzle and bed. The cat will be happy... he's been trying to send me for hours now.

Day 3264

Feb. 18th, 2008 06:45 pm
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I've had a busy weekend doing not much of anything at all. I did manage to get Eliz's phone swapped over into her name. She was terribly mad that she had to pay an extra $150 deposit over the deposit I had already paid... the difference between having excellent and established credit and just starting to build your credit.

She is going to get her license next Wednesday she tells me and then I have requested next Monday off so we can get the car swapped into her name (and emissions, tag, title etc)and then the only thing left will be insurance on the car.

I don't think she has the first clue just how much more stuff she's going to have to do. Deposits and getting utilities turned on, etc. All the general stuff that's always been beneath her notice because that was something for the Mom-unit to do. I notice that her world view is unequal... it's ok for her to treat me one way but katie-bar-the-door if anyone treats her that way.

My very very old cat suddenly has a swelling on the side of her face. It does not seem to be sore or bothering her very much so I'm going to give it a couple of days before I take her to the vet. Mostly because I know what they are going to say... I should put her to sleep. Maybe so, but until she's uncomfortable or hurting, I don't see any reason to.

No school today and no postal service so I will have to mail packages tomorrow. I am going to have quite a few but almost all of them are pre-paid so it's a matter of running in and dropping them off before work.

Speaking of which, I leaned over today to fix a problem with someone's order and he took a big sniff and said "You smell nice!" (I was wearing Madame Moriarty) I just smiled at him and said "Why, thank you!" (Sometimes living in the South has it's advantages) Just in case anyone wants to think it was more than a compliment on my perfume, the gentleman in question was with his boyfriend so I don't think so. :D

In spite of not having much to do this weekend, I still did not finish cutting out as much fabric as I have for the Storm at Sea quilts and I also did not finish even one turn quilting on Merry Halloween. *pout* I did manage to get to the SAS store and get some decent work shoes in brown... consequently, my knee does not hurt as much tonight as it might otherwise do... my feet only hurt up to the ankle instead of all the way up to my hips. This is a good thing!
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I am just about tired of people in the decanting supplies business.

I mixed up two package labels... totally my fault, I was doing too many orders at once. One girl bought the stuff I'd sent by accident rather than send it back, the other one I haven't heard from. No money, no returned package, nothing. (Of course, I sent out correct packages right away!) I've pinged her about 4 times and still no reply.

Two people have groused about their imp label sheets getting wadded up in the post. Ok, it happens and the envelopes I have which say they fit a 8½ X 11 sheet, don't... but I have bigger envelopes now and I would have been happy to send them out a new sheet. I did that in one case... in the other she simply posted less than perfect feedback without ever contacting me so I could make it right.

The other less than perfect feedback I have was something where the buyer said that I didn't get it to her very fast. She ordered it late on Friday and I had it in the post on Monday because I couldn't hit the 3 hour window that the post office is open on Saturday. She had it by Wednesday... but I didn't ship fast enough? Grrrr!

I have a life too, ya know... two kids, one of which I am trying to get ready to move out (bank account, driver's license, a car etc), a house to run and a full time job on top of the decanting supplies line. Plus I have to do a few things for my self occasionally... eat, sleep, s**, shower...

I hate it when people are unreasonable and I hope that for every unreasonable demand they make, they get it back in spades!

Day 3278

Feb. 4th, 2008 09:04 pm
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It has been a Monday from Hell.

I got Emily to school ok... later I discovered that I neglected to send her lunch money (don't worry, they don't make the kids go without lunch in such situations) and, on top of that, she has been spending extra every day. I'm about to make her start taking her lunch again!

Also her teacher wants a conference. It seems that Emily is not turning in her work on time. Not her homework... which I have some chance of effecting... but her class work. Now, how am I supposed to make her hurry up and finish her class work if I am not in the class?

When I got home, I buckled down and did all my filing. And then I started my taxes. Which included stopping and trying to remember how much inventory I had on January 1. And do I have to file stuff on the money Dad left me? Or not? (I think not) And what about state sales tax? Do I have to file it on everything? Or just the rollerballs? Or nothing at all since I have made about $45 net profit all together? ($112 if I don't have to file state sales tax on anything at all... in the negative if I have to file it for everything.)

When Eliz got up we took her new car and went to get her diploma... and then let her drive around a parking lot and a little bit on the road home. Consider that I am phobic about cars at the best of times... this was highly stressful!

Then I tried to finish my taxes before Emily got home... I did not make it and she did not get any computer time because she kept restarting the machine instead of doing homework... and I had a pep rally at work tonight. I get to open the store at the grand opening on Wednesday... if you're in town, come by and see us, we'll be open at 8am.

Work was actually the really good thing about today. They took us around and showed us some of the selection we'll have in the deli (150 cheeses and butter from Ireland and that's just the beginning!) produce (things there I've never even seen before and had to ask about and organic choices for almost everything) and meat market (anyone for 2 for 1 lobster tails? How about antibiotic free chicken?)

There is also the coolest kiosk... it has ideas for dinner (and lunch... and breakfast). Sorted by things like "Fast and Easy" "Kid Friendly" "Diabetic" "Vegetarian" and more. It gives you the recipe and, if you print out the recipe (!!!) it puts the items into a virtual shopping list. Which you can then print out the list and have everything you need on there to make any of the recipes you selected. It will also give you the nutritional values of the recipes... and tell you what would be a good thing to have with it... and which wine would go well with it. I'm in love with that kiosk!

When I left the store, I met one of the other mothers from my daughter's school. They thought, with all the cars there, that we must be open already... we chatted for a few minutes and she'll be back at 8 on Monday. :D

When I got my mail today, I had a lovely swap package in it... and the crown jewel of the swap package was an imp of Pinched with Four Aces. I opened it to sniff and promptly had my first bad spillage accident... my room will smell awesome now for awhile and I sopped up the traces on the floor with my robe so maybe I'll get to have it for more than tonight. *sigh* And I do like it so much.

I'm having a brandy-coffee and changing into my great smelling robe and out of these shoes. I may not be up very much longer.
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Or... I am officially insane.

I swore... swore to myself that I was never ever going to start another business. So how is it that I am considering running down to the registry office Friday while the kids are in school and getting a business license?

I'm certifiable!

But it really is ridiculous. You have to get pipettes from this supplier and wand caps from over here and vials and caps from somewhere else... and only one place that will not sell to individuals carries the dinky roller balls we all love. Why is it that there is no where to go and get X many pipettes and Y rollerballs and X+10 imp vials? Oh... and 10 wand caps for the new updates. It should be that easy.

This afternoon, I removed (without touching, thank you, I'm insane not idiotic) a dead bird that had been on the sidewalk out side of where I work for 4 days. No one had removed it, it was everybody else's problem. I removed it.

That's me... fixer. I fix things because no one else does. Well. Someone should have come up with selling supplies for decanting all in the same place a long time ago. But no... it's everyone else's problem. So now I'm going to fix it. Somewhere in all my copious spare time.

Is it bad for me to hope this doesn't get too big?

Ready for my straight jacket now, Monty.


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