Day 2428

Apr. 25th, 2009 10:48 pm
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I got glittered today!!!!

First I got this fabulous package from Jenny_Gardener on the forum. I had asked her for fabric for my Bpal quilt and she sent the perfect fabric for her... and much much more! There's a book... Wren's War by Sherwood Smith which looks delicious Also all the info and stuff I need for Book Mooch which I'll look into because it seems like fun. And imps in a bitty case perfect for my back-pack- three imps I love and two I don't think I've tried. And sticker and a metric tonne of actual glitter!

As if that wasn't enough, I got something today from Moxie Beauty... totally delicious and unexpected. If you haven't tried their stuff, you should.

To top it all off, I had a lovely errand day. We picked up 80s, went to recycling and then went shopping for a new bathroom cabinet and some kitchen implements. I wanted a wok but we didn't find one to suit me but I did find the cabinet and got some water sealant for my shower rack (I have to finish that tonight).

I've got to get back to work. I repaired the dryer vent (again) and I've got most of the wallpaper off the wall. Going back to moving forward....

Day 4091

Jul. 31st, 2008 06:34 am
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I am really really sore this morning. Yesterday, on little sleep, I got pulled off my regular work to throw a truck and then straighten frozen foods. Consequently, my back and arms are protesting mightily.

I keep thinking that I'm going to work on my library in the evening and then being too tired to do it. I really want to get it done so I can go back to my quilting. Besides being stalled on my Storm at Seas, I want to get started on my Rare Blends quilt. I got the package of backing fabric for it day before yesterday and when I let the shop owner know I had gotten it, she told me that it was the only pheonix fabric she had seen in 21 years. And I just happened to find it... how lucky is that? The background really does look black too. And people keep sending me the most fabulous fabrics for their blocks... this is going to be a spectaular quilt and it's all because of you guys!

So... no progress to report... where does my time go?

I did manage to be on line when Snow, Glass, Apples went live and I snagged one. Only one... but three more Schwarzer Monds! I am so happy happy they revisited SM... I love that scent! (I may need to get more before it goes down again... must count bottles)
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I debated if I should screen this entry to my Bpal people or my quilting people... how come's I can't use two screens at once?

Now with links and pictures! )
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Today has been a mixed day.

On the one hand, I treated myself to a fabric shop hop in search of more of the inkjet fabric sheets for my Rare Blends quilt. While I didn't find those, I did find some truly awesome fabrics including the one I want to use for the bottle tops.

On the other hand, picking up supplies took so long that I wasn't able to get to staining the wood for my bookshelves yet again today. I did get the closet threshold installed however.

I have Monday off... I asked off so I could go do something for college financial aide for Eliz with her and now she tells me "Never mind." Ok, what ever. But I either have a bad cold or I have horrible sinus stuffs going on. My head feels like it's stuffed with cotton and sea-water... and the cotton in no way limits the sloshing of the sea water. And, tonight when I was taking Mom her mail, I stepped in a hole in the yard and wrenched my right ankle pretty badly. It's not broken... it's not even swelling, thank goodness, but it hurts rather a lot right now.

I have also figured out that there is no way I'm going to stain everything at once. I'm going to have to resign myself to staining what ever bits I need next as I need them. Bother.

Tonight, unless I have company, I'm going to watch Return of the King and sand on the baseboards. Perhaps I can at least have them ready to stain by tomorrow.

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I found the perfect fabric for the backing of my Rare Blends quilt!!


Okay, it was too bloody expensive... but it's so perfect! Where else am I going to find Phoenixes on black? (I think it's supposed to be midnight blue but it sure looks black to me in the picture)

Total win!


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