Day 1593

Jul. 23rd, 2011 06:08 am
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I had the oddest dream and I want to record it before I loose it.

I was very recently married and spending time cuddling and having tea with my new husband. (Ok that's really strange- I have no wish to be married again) I knew his name but I can't remember it and now I can't remember the nickname I was calling him either. I do remember he was Canadian but lived close enough to the border that he had joined the US Marines. He was very polite and had quite short brown light hair. somewhat sharp features and either blue or grey eyes. He was also, obviously, fit but not bulky so that it didn't really show.

It was also a May/December thing because I remember combing my hair back in the morning and there was a lot of white in it- so much so that I was startled.

I remember us listening to music, working on the computer (looking something up- maybe about bookbinding- it seems like it was) and having tea either on a patio next to the water or the deck of a boat with another couple as well as the aforementioned cuddling. What I remember most is feeling very happy and cherished.

Annoyingly, I woke up and can't get back to sleep now.

Day 1595

Jul. 21st, 2011 07:10 am
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On the agenda today-

    Take Emily to the doctor and have them check for strep. Take me to the doctor and have me checked for strep.
    Take the recycling in.
    Sweep the house.
    Wash my bottom sheet again because Pixel had an accident on the sheet after I put it back on last night (I washed them yesterday).
    Call back supervisor at my insurance company to complain about their handling of Eliz's case. Apparently she doesn't seem to understand the 'I work until 4' part of my message.

I also might stop and get an oil change and clean the bathroom today- it depends on how much time I have and how I feel after we get done at the doctor's. Dinner will likely be pizza and ice cream because I don't feel much like making anything else.

In quilting news, I have finished the star on Don't Go Out A-Lone Star and am starting on the spiderwebs. Emily had a great idea for a way to sign it in the quilting design. She mentioned Charlotte's Web and that I could sign it in one of the lower squares in the spiderweb which I think is a fabulous idea! She's so smart.

In bookbinding news, I got tired of waiting for Brazen Device on etsy to message me back or relist the book press I was interested in. He said it would be up by the end of the weekend two weeks ago and I still haven't heard back. So alrighty then- obviously my money is not wanted there. Instead I bought this one from Phyllisann:

It's not as pretty but I am sure it will work at least as well (maybe better) and I know that she will send it to me- I'd be dubious about ordering from Brazen Device anyway since he's been so slow to answer messages. I'd be worried he wouldn't ship it for weeks and weeks. Plus this one is less expensive and has free shipping- saving me about $100. Phyllisann doesn't have a lot of feedback on etsy but she lists the same things on ebay where she has over 2000 feedback- 98% positive.

Also? I finished all the signatures except the title page and contents so I'll start sewing as soon as I read it through and make sure there are no glaring errors and I'll need a press pretty soon.


80s called last night and was badgering me to say that he's smarter than I am (oh please, you seriously think that?) and kept after me (calling and calling even though I was letting it go to the answering machine) until I was thoroughly put out with him. I was sick last night too and let him know it- my mistake. I wonder how long, if I never pick up the phone when it is him, it will take for him to get the message I'm not speaking to him and stop calling?

The funny thing about that is that I don't actually think I am the smartest person- I can think of six people I think are smarter than I am off the top of my head (that I know- I'm not counting people like Steven Hawking) and not one of them has ever called me stupid. He just isn't one of them.

One of the best things about being a grown up? You can have ice cream for breakfast if you want to!

Day 1599

Jul. 17th, 2011 11:47 am
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I'm back from Libertycon- we actually got back 11 hours ago but I've slept most of that. I got up once to let the dogs out and back in, dose Honey, bring in Mom's paper and answer the 'phone but I went back to bed.

I got to catch up a little with a lot of old friends... and promised some one on one time to many to really catch up. Which is good but I'm still pretty depressed about the whole thing. I miss Dad a lot, there, and I miss being young and vital- I don't usually feel so old and frumpy anywhere else. And I miss talking about books- nobody talks about books any more.

Pictures- or it didn't happen! )

I'm not saying I didn't have a good time- I did. But there were several people I missed quite a lot- Dad, Ken Moore and Wilson Bob Tucker so there were moments when I felt a bit like this was a personal wake for me for them. I really didn't go through the Art show as carefully as I would have liked either- I still felt too responsible about keeping up with Emily.

We will be going back evry year unless something drastic happens that prevents us. This is more like a high school reunion than a high school reunion would be!

Day 1602

Jul. 14th, 2011 08:52 am
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Well. I was off and then work scheduled me and then told me not to come in and now they just called me to come in as soon as I can get there.

Good God- make up your collective minds- if you can find the tiny little things without microscopes!

Of course, I'm anything but ready and half my uniform is in the washing machine wet so I have just gone from a nice relaxing morning where I thought I might get several signatures done and a nap to rushing to get read asap.

In other news, I have finally discovered where a great many of my 'misspellings' come from:

Apparently, I read (both past and present) far too many authors from England and the British Isles that have not been translated. I found the page because I noticed that I had used both 'plow' and 'plough' in my post of yesterday and was looking for the correct usage since spell check let both of them through. What is truly bizarre is that I typed them within minutes of each other and didn't notice until I read it over later.


Jul. 14th, 2011 08:07 am
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Day 1603

Jul. 13th, 2011 05:33 am
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I'm up too bloody early because I woke up and looked at the clock- and realized I only had 30 minutes more before the alarm went off. Since I slept through the alarm yesterday, I couldn't go back to sleep for worrying that I wouldn't wake up on time.

I haven't seen Pixel this morning- I hope my old man's ok! Oh- here he is- good. He must have just slept until the alarm went off although where I don't know.

School starts next month- the first full day of school is my birthday so I have asked for it off. I can use a day of alone time!

All the people that were calling me every night have disappeared. I haven't heard from 80s this week. I'd be more concerned about it if I wasn't so busy with caregiving duties at home.

My plan to try and get extra sleep this week before the con? Not working so well.
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Day 1604

Jul. 12th, 2011 09:26 pm
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Honey's eye doesn't look nice- it's leaking white nasty but it was green nasty this morning so I think the eye drops are doing their job. She doesn't like them- I have to hold her by the ear to put them in- three times a day. She's also getting an antibiotic and half a pain pill- the antibiotic is two pills twice a day and I was worried the pain pills wouldn't be enough- until I looked at them! They're the size of a nickle- no wonder she only gets half of one. She's eating and drinking very well and eliminating to match so we're good there and she's relatively frisky- she seems to be enjoying all the attention. I had Emily bring her in Mom's house when it started to get hot today- about 10am and she spent the rest of the day until I got home inside.

I have often lost socks in the dryer but today I folded up a pair of socks and I was doing a couple of other things while folding clothes... and now I can't find them. I must have set them down somewhere- but I can't for the life of me remember where and they are nowhere to be found. Yes, I'm a space case today!

I finished scanning, cleaning up and printing the third signature of The Flying Yorkshireman. It's kind of slow going because I have to lay out everything and then scan it as a picture file and then print the proper pages back to back so it's one page at a time. I'm a bit surprised that I haven't messed up my pagination- that I know of. I'm also going to have to figure out how to trim the fore edge- without investing in a plow. I don't plan to be printing more than this one book so that would be a foolish investment.

OK- off to shower and bed with me. I have to get up early in the morning because I have a meeting at work before work and I have to have time to treat Honey and make sure Mom and Em are set for the day before I leave.

Day 1605

Jul. 11th, 2011 09:05 am
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I'm late to work.

I am late because when I let Bitsy out this morning, I noticed that Honey had a bad tear on her face going right up into the eye socket- fortunately whatever did that did not damage the eye! So we rushed around and I got Em to Mom's and threw on random clothes and took Honey to the vet. She has to have stitches and a rabies shot- I was advocating a tetanus shot as well considering all the rusty barbed wire we have out here.

I don't know if it was an animal that she tangled with or a thorn or piece of wire- never will know I guess. If an animal, it could have been a raccoon, a possum, a coyote, another dog or even a rabbit that got a good kick in with a hind paw. Deer is doubtful, the angle goes down, not up.

I pick her up tonight from the vet with some stitches- this is a good thing. Now I have to go get actually dressed for work (and wash the Honey kisses off my knees) and get there in time to do some good.

Day 1606

Jul. 10th, 2011 08:22 pm
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Count correction because somewhere back there I messed up... or at least it had better be a mess up!

I just had the rather unhappy experience of two men fighting loudly (so loudly I could hear every word clearly) just under the railroad track in a fashion that is much more common in the inner city than here. I have never actually had strangers fighting where I could hear them before out here. I find I dislike it intensely.

I'm working on a little list of wishes for products I'd like to see on the store shelves- by Christmas would be nice.
    Children's Chewable Valium
    Frontline for Kids
    TalkOff for Teens
    People Chow

On that last, I want something that with three servings provides the optimum balance of carbs, protein and fat for daily living as well as 100% of the vitamins and minerals needed. I want it all natural, no additives, no preservatives, no filler and able to be kept on a shelf for up to three years. It should be something one could eat with no utensils, should not be messy (can be eaten while driving), should be adequate to survive on with only water for an indefinite period of time and should be tasty enough that the kids want to eat it. I think it should be based on lentils instead of soy to avoid the soy allergy and probably rice to make it gluten free.

Book progress pictures )
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Day 7936

Jul. 8th, 2011 06:29 am
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I had yesterday off so you would think I would be well rested today.

If that's true, you don't know me very well!

I got the edit done on my book but while I was printing it out I ran out of ink, ran out of paper and ran out of ink again. This caused Emily and I to have to make a paper and ink run... which ended up taking three hours because Art Creations has it's new store open (oh, my!) and while we were in there, one of the employees mentioned that their other location downtown has book binding supplies.

Of course we ran down there. It was a bust. In a dark corner they have a few supplies but not as many as I already have at my house and no tools at all. No lifting knives, no hammers, no brass edged boards (which is what I needed/wanted)and no presses- not even one. They had a couple of pieces of Davey board and a lot of book kits prepackaged.

I really need to go wander around the North Shore sometime... preferably with lots of money! There's GreenLife and New Moon Gallery and the aforementioned Art Creations (lacking in bookbinding supplies but bursting with fabulous art supplies!) and Mud Pie and the Stone Cup and I don't even know what else- which is why I need to take a walking tour down there.

So when we got home, I finished the printing and got started on making up signatures. Once I get done with that, I'll scan them in and then clean up the pasting lines, remove page numbers and add page numbers and print them onto archival paper to be stitched. I goofed on my first set of signatures- I was going by my original book and I should not have- they made so many printing mistakes it's not funny! I now have a plan for signatures that is right and not an unholy mess.

So, um, yeah- I was up too late again. I never learn.

On the good side of the ledger, back to school shopping is nearly done. I had to stop by Walmart to get the kind of paper I needed to finish the printing and they have already started their back to school sales so we picked up 44 black spiral bound notebooks at 20ยข each and will pick up more when we go back for the not-school-supplies part of the list. (I didn't have the list with me and couldn't remember the things like band-aids and hand sanitizer because I don't think of them as school supplies) With me making daily lists and Emily's writing, cheap notebooks are something to stock up on! Since I have the supply closet in the library, storage for this kind of thing is not a problem. I also picked up a box of 36 black pens and a box of 72 wooden pencils which should hold us awhile.

Day 7937

Jul. 7th, 2011 07:34 am
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I am reveling in the fact I have a day off. I know I need the money... but last weekend kicked my butt and I'm still working on getting over being tired from it. Also I have fresh coffee and blueberry scones for breakfast.

Today I am going to get the edit on my book finished, the star on my quilt finished and make up a list of things I have to do this weekend. If at all possible, I'm not going anywhere. (I am talking myself out of going to Greyfriar's for coffee- because if I go there for coffee, I'll end up at AllBooks and possibly New Moon Gallery and they don't have anything I need and I have no money to spend there. Really. I don't.)

Yesterday I noticed a bicycle in the back room at work.... and promptly fell in love with it. Sadly it's the Fat Tire 20th anniversary bike and to get it, I have to win it in a drawing.

There's one on Charlotte craigslist but it's a bit out of my price range! I don't care about the advertising but I love the rack on the back, the leather seat and that it is a one speed- no gears!

I guess I just like old things. Here recently I bought a paper cutter to use for bookbinding:

Like this one, only larger. I'd have liked the smaller ones... but they wouldn't have been as useful for what I need even if they are cuter.

Day 7940

Jul. 4th, 2011 07:01 am
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I am so freaking tired! The party last night was very good- very low key and social and a good time was had by all. Emily behaved herself very well and we did not stay too late... but on top of everything else this weekend, I'm still whipped.

Party Pictures )

Anna made a bid for freedom this morning- so she's somewhere in the yard and I can't get her to come when I call her nor can I see where she is to chase her down. Darned cat!

Day 7941

Jul. 3rd, 2011 07:16 am
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Ebay auctions were not as impressive in the end game as I expected. I'll probably run a couple of new ones this week.

Yesterday was very full and I did not get everything done that I planned. I did get the recycling and shopping done and then came home and made the torte and the strudel and something else but I ran out of steam before I made the banana bread. So I still have that to do this morning as well as pay bills and make up the packages for Ebay. Only two people have paid... and one of those is my friend John. He won the Schwarzer Mond but since it was re-released just recently again, I knew he would so I took his bottle with me and gave it to him Friday. (If someone else had bid and beaten him, I did have another backup that I was willing to send and just invoice John for a second chance offer.)

A little lopsided...

The recipe actually made eight... but I couldn't get them all in the pan.

I did have to go get cat food while we were shopping and I also picked up a cat tree/scratching post because Shredder is starting to try her claws on the door frames and, dammit, I just replaced those from the last round of cat destruction. She seems to like it pretty well- of course I couldn't get a picture of any of them playing on it. 80s screwed it to the floor (under protest- he didn't want to mess up the flooring) while I was baking so that they can't turn it over even if they run down the hall and swarm up it at full speed.



Yes, 80s came over yesterday- partly to check on his tomatoes and partly, I think, to assure himself that he hasn't entirely lost me as a friend. I warned him that I was baking and pretty busy but he came anyway and offered to help anywhere he could. He peeled all the apples for me while I was washing up from the torte, screwed down the cat tree, stirred melting chocolate and generally lent a hand where it was needed.

I think I may have mentioned that a house wren has built a nest in Mom's paper box. The delivery person has been throwing the paper in the driveway rather than disturb her lately so I managed to get some pictures:




Emily surprised me while we were shopping. She needed a new bathing suit and we found a couple in her size that fit her requirements. She wanted a one piece that didn't look horrible- no flowers and no stripes. We found two and she went to try them on... and came out declaring that we were not getting a suit for her! I talked her into the one that covered more- apparently the one with no sides and not much back she didn't like- possibly because that particular design would make anyone who doesn't have a perfect midsection look chubby. I had really expected to have to talk her out of something too sexy- instead I had to talk her into anything at all!

Ok- on with my busy busy weekend!

Day 7942

Jul. 2nd, 2011 08:35 am
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Eliz did me the favor of keeping Emily last night so I could go to a movie. Unfortunately, the movie I wanted to see was no longer playing anywhere (just my luck) but Eliz had already made arrangements to take time off from work so I changed my plans.

I decided to take a run downtown and have a nice cup of coffee at Greyfriar's and maybe poke my head into All Books. I mentioned this to my friend John in Nashville and he drove down and met me for a lovely cup of coffee. All Books was closed so we spent the whole time drinking coffee and talking at the sidewalk table at Greyfriar's. I do find that in the years that have passed, I have learned better how to take John- he confused the waitress horribly.

It was funny- I haven't seen John in person in 33 years and yet when I saw him on the street, I recognized him. (I also haven't seen any pictures since he's very not into having his picture made.) I didn't like how much he'd changed- I thought I was prepared for it but I wasn't- but he still has lovely eyes and he's still the same madman I knew which is what counts! This aging crap is mean to us all- I hate it.

When I had to go meet the girls to pick Em up, I dropped John by his truck and walked down to the Pickle Barrel... I was going to meet the girls on the roof. And there was a sign on the door that forbade anyone under 21 so I stood out on the sidewalk and waited on them. Which took almost an hour because there was a music and motorcycle festival going on and half the roads downtown where closed.

Pictures! )

New intelligence tells me that the festival is called Nightfall and happens all summer long. Last night was apparently Hugo with Digital Butter.

Emily and I came home and, being hungry, made a pizza which she had with root beer and I had with mojito and she didn't get to bed until 11pm. And then she didn't want to sleep in her bed- anywhere but. What's up with that? I'm afraid I shouted at her about that- by this time I was VERY tired and I wanted to go to bed!

Today is a baking day. I am going to be making a Dobosh Torte, an Apple Strudel and Banana Bread. Yum!

Day 7944

Jun. 30th, 2011 06:50 am
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It seems like no matter what I say on here, nobody comments except zenkitty. Fortunately, that doesn't worry me much.


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