Day 1572

Aug. 13th, 2011 08:07 am
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I had a fairly lovely birthday- I spent most of it finishing the second copy of The Flying Yorkshireman in peace and quiet.

Yesterday I had to spend quite awhile uninstalling a bunch of things that Emily had slimed my computer with. I'm pretty sure I have not gotten them all.

I'm running an ebay austion right now and all the proceeds are going to go to a friend who is having legal troubles with her ex- I think he's trying to break her! I'll throw in a bit more of my own money but I don't have too much right now.

In spite of that, I treated myself to several sheets of nice paper for end papers- I need to build a storage rack for them so they don't get messed up before I use them. I also had a nice email from Regina St John at Chena River. I had enquired about a particular specialty paper that they had on their website and she told me they still had three sheets of it- so I asked for all three of them! I don't have current plans for it but it's so pretty I'm sure I will have a book that needs just that for an end paper at some point.

I'm playing with the new leather I got to bind the third copy of Flying Yorkshireman. It's calf... but very different from the other calf I had. I really need to find a supplier that is inexpensive and has a consistent type of leather- right now every piece I get behaves differently from every other one and it's hard to adjust since I am still learning!

Ok- I need to get the cat and the laundry in and get us out to do chores before the heat of the day hits.
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