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Jul. 24th, 2011 01:36 am
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Yesterday (today still for me since I am still up!) was not really a good day. I did take a nap and things got better after it.

Why bad? I discovered that my proof reading skills are somewhat lacking and I have to proof The Flying Yorkshireman again. And fix it. And then I was looking at having to re-print, re-scan, re-edit, add page numbers again and reprint it onto good paper all over again. Arrgh!

Also? School shopping with Emily- she bought shoes that I think are hideous and that I also think she will be ridiculed for. And I had to have new pants for work. Believe me, clothes shipping is no fun for me. I try something on, look in the mirror and burst into tears.

So. Bad day.

How did it get better? After I woke up, 80s called and I asked him to find me a program that would let me print a book signature straight from the program... and he did and brought me a six pack of mojitos when he came out to pick his tomatoes. So now all I have to do is go in and make the corrections I need to do and just print.

That man confuses me. Most of the time when I am having a bad day, we fight. But every so often, when I'm having a bad day, he does his best to make it better... and usually succeeds. In any event, he just saved me about 100 hours of work... and he brought mojitos too.
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