Jul. 13th, 2011

Day 1603

Jul. 13th, 2011 05:33 am
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I'm up too bloody early because I woke up and looked at the clock- and realized I only had 30 minutes more before the alarm went off. Since I slept through the alarm yesterday, I couldn't go back to sleep for worrying that I wouldn't wake up on time.

I haven't seen Pixel this morning- I hope my old man's ok! Oh- here he is- good. He must have just slept until the alarm went off although where I don't know.

School starts next month- the first full day of school is my birthday so I have asked for it off. I can use a day of alone time!

All the people that were calling me every night have disappeared. I haven't heard from 80s this week. I'd be more concerned about it if I wasn't so busy with caregiving duties at home.

My plan to try and get extra sleep this week before the con? Not working so well.


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