Jul. 8th, 2011

Day 7936

Jul. 8th, 2011 06:29 am
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I had yesterday off so you would think I would be well rested today.

If that's true, you don't know me very well!

I got the edit done on my book but while I was printing it out I ran out of ink, ran out of paper and ran out of ink again. This caused Emily and I to have to make a paper and ink run... which ended up taking three hours because Art Creations has it's new store open (oh, my!) and while we were in there, one of the employees mentioned that their other location downtown has book binding supplies.

Of course we ran down there. It was a bust. In a dark corner they have a few supplies but not as many as I already have at my house and no tools at all. No lifting knives, no hammers, no brass edged boards (which is what I needed/wanted)and no presses- not even one. They had a couple of pieces of Davey board and a lot of book kits prepackaged.

I really need to go wander around the North Shore sometime... preferably with lots of money! There's GreenLife and New Moon Gallery and the aforementioned Art Creations (lacking in bookbinding supplies but bursting with fabulous art supplies!) and Mud Pie and the Stone Cup and I don't even know what else- which is why I need to take a walking tour down there.

So when we got home, I finished the printing and got started on making up signatures. Once I get done with that, I'll scan them in and then clean up the pasting lines, remove page numbers and add page numbers and print them onto archival paper to be stitched. I goofed on my first set of signatures- I was going by my original book and I should not have- they made so many printing mistakes it's not funny! I now have a plan for signatures that is right and not an unholy mess.

So, um, yeah- I was up too late again. I never learn.

On the good side of the ledger, back to school shopping is nearly done. I had to stop by Walmart to get the kind of paper I needed to finish the printing and they have already started their back to school sales so we picked up 44 black spiral bound notebooks at 20ยข each and will pick up more when we go back for the not-school-supplies part of the list. (I didn't have the list with me and couldn't remember the things like band-aids and hand sanitizer because I don't think of them as school supplies) With me making daily lists and Emily's writing, cheap notebooks are something to stock up on! Since I have the supply closet in the library, storage for this kind of thing is not a problem. I also picked up a box of 36 black pens and a box of 72 wooden pencils which should hold us awhile.


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