Jun. 25th, 2011

Day 7949

Jun. 25th, 2011 08:01 am
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In re New York's recent change in law: Personally, I like it. Civil union and marriage are not the same thing. One is a legal institution and one is spiritual.

In collage, my young man of the moment and I jumped over a broom together. We didn't apply for a licence or anything but techically we were "married". It was only for a year and a day with an option for extension and when the option came up, we opted out by mutual agreement.(We actually jumped backwards over the broom...)

Were we "married"? Well, yes. That traditional ceremony is just as valid as any big church wedding. Was there a legal union? No. We hadn't decided if we wanted to go that route yet and, as it turned out, we didn't. Now, 30 years later, we're still friends. There was no big legal battle, no big division of 'stuff' (we were college kids- we didn't actually own anything!) and no reason to fight.

My ebay auctions did not yield me as much as I had hoped (I still want that nice new book press!) and I am considering going through my Bpal collection and destashing a lot of my rarer backup bottles. Storyville in particular- I don't wear it often but I wore it yesterday and while it's nice and I like it, there are things I like a lot more. I won't be selling any of the Dublin, October or Shivering Boy but there are some others that are not often seen that I could let go and let someone else have a chance at. Thoughts?

I did make enough money to get the leather and sewing supplies I need for The Flying Yorkshireman and a hardbound (and signed!) copy of Shards of Honor- I'm not sure what colour I want to bind it in. Perhaps Betan Survey tan? or would Barayarian black be more apropo? And I put in a bid for a hardbound copy of Beauty. That one I want to bind in rose leather, I already know and somehow bind Robin McKinley's letter to me (under my pen name) into it. I'm debating binding Rose Daughter as well as a matched set. And then there are all those Oz books... and green leather for me to bind them in which will be a pretty penny in and of itself!

In all events, I really do need another book press!
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I didn't raise as much as I needed to with the last set of auctions so I'm destashing a bit more... and have I got some lovely Bpal for you this time! These are all back up bottles so they are all full- and Storyville is REALLY full.

Go see them here.

Includes Storyville, Schwarzer Mond (original), A Bachelor's Dog, Queen's Salon and El Dia de Reyes. I am including insurance on the price of shipping for Storyville although I will be happy to combine shipping with any other auction... and I do ship internationally.


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