Jun. 21st, 2011

Day 7953

Jun. 21st, 2011 06:49 am
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I'm still dealing with the leftovers of the panic Emily caused me yesterday- this is going to take awhile to get over. The worst of it is, I thought I was leaving her in a safe situation every day when I went to work by leaving her with my Mom. As it turns out, she might as well be home alone- Mom didn't see the note and didn't prevent her from going outside... and didn't even know how long she'd been gone. Oh my f**king God.

If I come home and she is missing again (doesn't answer when I call her)- I am calling the police immediately.

I can't afford not to work and I don't know if there is another place I could put her at 13... and even if there is, I could not afford it so I don't have a lot of options open here. Pity I can't crate her when I go to work like I do the dog.

Speak of which, I have to watch her all the time too- she's taken to eating the cat food if no one is watching her closely.

In other news, my book press fell apart. I now have two choices- remake it with all the faults attendant on it currently (I don't have the tools to make a better one) or get one from Etsy. I'd rather get one from Etsy so I've got some Ebay auctions running to raise money for it that does not come out of my household budget.

And I have a very special birthday coming up that I need to be thinking about. I'm pondering a water colour for the wall but I have no idea what kind of street scene or what size. Details, please?

I have got to get back to work on my quilt... I also have Granny's quilt for Em to be doing and I haven't hit a lick on it.


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