Jun. 18th, 2011

Day 7956

Jun. 18th, 2011 05:57 am
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Shredder is doing pretty well this morning- she's no longer moving like she is drunk and, as best I can tell without upsetting her badly, her scar is looking good.

Something I want to know. I asked for the extra pain medicine for her (I always do- that's some pretty major surgery!) and they gave me four measured doses in syringes to be given am and pm for two days. Now I don't have to give her a shot, the syringes are to help squirt it in the mouth, but the medicine is not tasty. So, here's this cat who's definitely against being held down with the deserved name of Shredder and her post op instructions are to keep her calm and quiet and as stress-free as possible (no running and jumping) and give her oral medicine (for which I will have to chase her and hold her down to give it to her) twice daily.

The two things are probably mutually exclusive. I got the first dose in her relatively easily but I had the element of surprise and that won't be the case from now on. Any ideas would be welcomed. (I can't put it in food- I asked about that.)

As I posted last night, I have been working on my leather binding of Stardust. I'm VERY pleased with the way it has turned out although I will never again try to bind the original covers of a book in the interior. This gives me confidence that I will be able to bind anything I want in leather- something that will be an ongoing project for years. There are just so many books I want that have never been released in leather- and likely never will be- but now I can have them anyway. I'll post a list of them (behind a cut) but it's mostly for my own record keeping purposes, skip as desired.

About that- does anybody know how good the paper books are currently printed on is? Do I need to be invested the time and money to print them out on archival paper or are hardbacks printed on good paper to begin with? I'd rather not have to reprint everything if I can get away with not doing so.


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