Jun. 5th, 2011

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There's just enough magic in here to say that there is- it doesn't advance the plot and could, indeed have been left out altogether- which would have improved the book.


A re-read that I couldn't resist.

Day 7969

Jun. 5th, 2011 09:38 pm
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46 - 51.

This really ought to count as five books.... so I will. I can't convince Goodreads of that, however.

I've had a lovely day- reading interspersed with exercises and a few leftover chores- all of which got done- and then cooking dinner. Poached chicken and a rice dish with broccoli, portabello mushrooms and cheddar cheese. Emily categorically refused to eat the rice dish so I made her a 5 minute chocolate cake so she wouldn't be going to bed with only chicken in her tum.

Yes, I spoil her. I spoil the animals too and it's just as well I don't have a mate as I would spoil one of those as well. She tells me that the cake is quite good.

After dinner I took apart my ARC copy of Stardust in preparation to binding it in a blue leather- by way of a dessert. It gave me a bit of problem as I am attempting to bind the covers into the book as part of it and they are peskily slippery. I'm also adding an illustration from Bpal's website simply because I love it to death. Next up will be tipping in the end papers. These will be in two pieces as the paper I want is just barely not wide enough. For that, I want a paper printed with a brick wall. (If you need an explanation of why I want that particular end paper, you need to read the book. Go and do so now.) I may actually get that done tonight... and then I'll be up to gilding the pages. Eek!


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