May. 15th, 2011

Day 7690

May. 15th, 2011 12:13 am
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I found out yesterday that my boss has a frightening faith in my abilities. He called me back from lunch because our florist had the day off and we had a customer with a special request. A bridal bouquet. Plus buttoneers but I've done them and I'm ok with them. So in the interest of full disclosure, I tell the customer that I've never done one before and I'm not sure I know how... but I'll try if she wants me to. And she tells me "It's ok, I'll talk you through- I'm a florist."

Que panic attack right there. So let me get this straight- you're a florist (away from home obviously) and you want me to make you up a bridal bouquet for your son's bride right now because the wedding is tonight? Yikes.

But I managed it and she was happy enough with it- no one else in town would touch it without three weeks notice, I know. Why did they suddenly have to have one? (I had to ask- you know no one forgot something that important to the wedding pageant- so what happened?) "Dog."

I have to wonder if they also hired a last minute korean chef for the reception....

Emily had Saturday school today so I took my four free hours and accomplished all the errands and shopping and still had time for a trip to McKay's. I love that store! They not only had the next two Aunt Dimity novels, they had three books on bookbinding. I only got one of them- the other two seemed more either for children or of the "punch five holes in all the pages and tie matching ribbons through them- and then glitter the cover within and inch of it's life and no one will notice how poorly your 'craft' is constructed" type. I hate that kind of craft book- it reminds me of my home ec class in high school.

Any way, I got the one book on bookbinding and it has already saved me the price of it by telling me that I can use just about any sturdy fabric for super- no need to go buy special fabric at all. As a matter of fact, that roll of irish linen would make very superior super! (Super is the piece of fabric that goes behind the text block and inside the cover boards but under the pasted down paper and holds the covers in when the book is opened.)

Tomorrow I plan to make tuscan chicken and a pair of sewing hairsticks and a single one out of a piece of cherry picture jasper- it has an otter in the reeds on it and it's just fabulous! I'll try and post pictures tomorrow if I get them finished.

Day 7689

May. 15th, 2011 10:56 am
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I seem to be having a bout of melancholia, the cause of which is undetermined. I have three sets of hairsticks to work on today and I can't seem to get any excited about it. Alternatively, I have a beautiful quilt that I could continue to stitch on. I can't get excited about that either. In a third scenario, I have books to read- lovely books both fiction and nonfiction- and a quiet space to read them in. And even that can't shake the blue feeling loose.
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I seriously could not get motivated to do anything today. I am wondering if my sleep habits are not partly to blame- I still am not getting anywhere close to the recommended daily allowance of sleep. And lack of sleep causes depression- yes, I know that. Combine that with a study that I read recently that people think they are more attractive than they are and my typical self-esteem issues (Wait, what? I'm even less attractive that I think I am? Oh, man....) and I'm probably battling low level depression.

So I don't have pictures because I did not make hairsticks. I also did not study anything or read anything etc. I basically wasted the day. Bad wren.


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