May. 12th, 2011

Day 7692

May. 12th, 2011 05:15 am
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Wow- I got to bed last night a little before 10 and I feel so much better! I was up again by 4:30am because I knew if I tried to go back to sleep for that last half an hour, I would just lay there and stress about how I only had x many minutes before I had to get up. But I feel really quite well and rested which is a nice change!

Last night I watched the rest of the BBS's Study in Pink with Emily. I like their new take on Sherlock Holmes... but then I've never met a Holmes I didn't like at least somewhat. His self description of 'high-functioning sociopath' is as delightful as it is accurate and Watson is lovely.

At the moment, I am considering taking up bookbinding as a new hobby. Many of the books I would like to have in leather will never be put out in a fine edition but it would be simple enough, I think, to rebind or recover hardcover editions. The text block would already be worked up, I would just have to carefully remove the cover and recover the boards with a nice leather- and then add decoration- title and author on the spine, at least and possibly more. Does anyone have any experience with bookbinding? Is this a bad idea for reasons I'm not seeing? Other than the "I have more projects than time" issue, of course.


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