Apr. 21st, 2011

Day 7713

Apr. 21st, 2011 06:27 am
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Day off today- yay! After I run Emily to school, I'm going to call the electrician to come look at my light fixtures and then nap until he shows up. Dinner will be tarragon peas and portobella flavored pork loin- I'll post the recipe for the peas tonight when I have a picture.

Bitsy, Pixel and possibly Anna will be having baths today. Bitsy is a dog and needs regular baths just like a person. Pixel has gotten to old and Anna too fat to adequately clean themselves so they need some help too. They will not appreciate it at all, I'm sure.

I don't normally share my cooking failures but just in case someone else has the bright idea to try to make Turkish Delight with unflavored gelatin instead of doing it the long way- it doesn't work. It looks right and it smells right and it tastes like unflavored gelatin, not Turkish Delight. Maybe if I had added sugar...

Emily is in trouble at school again- this time over bringing a book to class. The worst of it? It's one of my books and now I have to go retrieve it from the principal. She's not even supposed to take my books out of the house. So she will have another round of Saturday school.

Partly because of this and partly because yesterday at work was quite stressful, I had a bath last night and read- and finished the whole book! I didn't expect to do that- 214 pages in 2 hours- that's almost 500 words a minute and I can't believe I actually read that fast.

Got to go get started on the day...
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A very nice Halloween story! The Christmas story was inspiring, this one is intriguing. I only give it four stars because of the author's insistence on having her (married) heroine flirting with a guy or two in the last couple of books. Ok, she doesn't act on it, but I still find the skirting of infidelity an unhappy topic and it makes me upset. On the other hand, the mysteries are delightful, satisfying and most of them do not involve a murder which is a refreshing change.

Bag End

Apr. 21st, 2011 06:35 pm
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This is amazing and then some! This woman has made the most incredible doll house I've ever seen... I almost want one and I'm not that into doll houses.


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