Apr. 15th, 2011

Day 7719

Apr. 15th, 2011 10:28 pm
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I really really hate sewing slippery stuff- especially when both things are slippery! I am trying to put the trim I want on the library curtain (with the machine) and while the machine has a 'silk' setting, it doesn't help enough- the trim and the velvet are both just so very very slippery... and on top of that, the trim has beads. I've been avoiding this for weeks without really knowing why... now I know what my subconscious knew all along- this is a bear chore!

I pinned it every three inches- I never pin anything- and it's still going to look like I was massively drunk. I'd take it out and do it again- but it will either take me weeks and weeks by hand (which is really not worth it- my time is premium) or I can try again on the machine with the exact same results. Bother it all! It's a curtain- it's going to have drunk trim and if it ever bothers me enough, I'll rip it off and reapply it by hand.

At the moment, I'm letting my sewing machine cool down. If I sew long seams, the presser foot heats up and is actually hazardous if I sew for too long. I need to get off my butt and fix my treadle machine which has no such problems.

I am also sleeping in tomorrow. I love Jeeves waking me up in the morning but my sleep has been pretty cut up for the last week and I need to spend some time that does not get interrupted by something.

Yesterday I hunted all over town for a wood bristled hair brush (yeah, sounds strange, I know). I finally found one at one of the health food grocery stores- and I love it! The first time I brushed my hair with it, there was no hair left in the brush. None. Did I say I love it?

At the moment I'm considering letting the sewing machine cool over night. As part of out summer unplugging, Emily and I have planned to go to the 4 Bridges Arts Festival again this year but I think we will be going on Sunday. Tomorrow has a chance of rain and will be in the mid-60s. Sunday is supposed to be nice and in the low 70s. So I can finish my curtain tomorrow and go to sleep now, right? Right.



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