Apr. 13th, 2011

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Can't brain tonight...

Not really any wonder. I went to bed at 9 last night... but was up again by 2:30 and never got to go back to sleep. (Really long story there.) I've spent most of the evening surfing on the internet looking for tips to grow my hair even longer than it is. What's really funny is that I've been doing a lot of things that are wrong and it's still gotten to classic length. What will it do if I look after it properly?

    • Bad- Finding a tick in my hair- really squicked me out.
    • Good- Java Love Organic Coffee- yum! And at half price too...
    • Bad- Very very tired.
    • Good- Bedtime is almost now and I have tomorrow off!
    • Bad- Must take child to school and perform chores (including yardwork) tomorrow.
    • Good- Day off and I get to go look for a good hair brush and Pantene Beautiful Lengths.
    • Bad- Must try to fit eye exam in.
    • Good- Must return to bookstore to trade books- yay for a new book!
    • Bad- Bloody unfinished Library curtain
    • Good- It may be possible to use sewing machine on same for most of the rest of it.


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