Mar. 28th, 2011

Day 7737

Mar. 28th, 2011 10:35 pm
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This has been a day for sure!

Em got caught trying to skip class on the 18th so she has Saturday School for 8:55am to 12:00pm Saturday the 2nd. She also left the homework assignments she was supposed to do at school. And she's complaining of being tired- but I was still trying to get her to go to sleep at 9pm- an hour after bedtime.

Eliz ran the red light at the same corner she did before- and since there are cameras there, I got another ticket on her car. (Car in my name, ticket in my name- thanks honey.) I already knew about it since she told me when it happened and she'll pay for it- but still.

Bitsy broke her collar so I had to go to the pet store after work and buy her a harness. That's needed doing for some time now- she pulls a lot on any leash or tie out and hurts her throat. But did it have to be today?

I had to stop on the way home and try to fix my neighbour's Direct TV which is getting no signal. I think their dish needs realigning. So, of course, after a solid hour, I still was not able to fix it. I wish I could talk them into fiber optic- their service calls would be free and very fast and I wouldn't feel at all guilty calling the service department for them and asking someone to come out to fix it. (Why am I fixing my neighbour's TV? Because they are a sweet wonderful brother/sister couple in their 80s and they don't understand all these new fangled electronics... and their family doesn't help them out like they should.)

Arrgh! F*cking sweet potatoes!


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