Mar. 9th, 2011

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2 Armed Men Try To Rob Bi-Lo On Ooltewah-Ringgold Road

I have never been so glad in all my life that I smoke. I got to work yesterday about 6:58 and decided to stay out in my car for a few extra minutes to have a cigarette and read on my book before I went in- I wasn't scheduled until 8 but taking Emily to school gets me there early.

When I got home- and after we opened, I worked out my shift- Mom had to be informed about 80s since his new truck has been here mostly since he got it yesterday. So, more stress. She's not happy about it and suggested that I should let him live on the street or send him to the mission...and was more annoyed when I told her that I'd been in the same situation after college myself. She will never understand that her critical attitude of everyone and every thing that is not going perfectly is the very reason I never called her when bad things happened. As like as not, she'd have suggested I go to the mission.

The evening was fairly peaceful.... and then as we were going to bed, 80s smelled smoke. I had emptied an ashtray, not realizing that he had just put out a cigarette in it and the garbage can was on fire. "Oops" doesn't quite cover it. No damage, I got it into the bathtub and got water on it... but I also spilled it a little in the tub- and it was, of course, the bin I had put the broken light bulbs in a day earlier. So I spent several minutes picking out glass from the tub and then rinsing it thoroughly.

I think I got all my exercise dodging bullets yesterday.


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