Feb. 13th, 2011

Day 1781

Feb. 13th, 2011 07:13 am
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I am finally going to replace the bedside table with this one:

I found other places online where it was cheaper- but Amazon has free shipping on this one so they have the lowest total price. It should be here by early March.

I'll have to put some feet on it to get it as high as I want it but that's easily done- and I think I can find some pretty wooden feet without too much trouble. I may also make the faux drawer face into real drawers- that will be more difficult but not beyond my ability. I should have read more closely, I thought they were real drawers when I ordered it.

Yesterday I managed to get everything I needed to do done except the mopping- that will have to wait. I'm proud of this because I was beyond sleep deprived and into almost hallucinogenic. After work today, I plan to do nothing but shower and quilt. As long as you don't mind being on speaker phone, it would be a good day to talk to me!

The dog did let me sleep until 6 this morning. Better than before but I set the alarm for 7 so it could have been better yet. Since I apparently was so tired I didn't turn the alarm on, this is not actually a bad thing.


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