Feb. 4th, 2011

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Spending a quiet night at home with Emily. We had pizza, watched RED (such fun! love this movie) and now, in keeping with the theme of the evening, I've got green mud in my hair. After my shower I'm going to do most of the laundry and quilt- tomorrow is running around chores and mopping if it's not still raining and messy. If it is, I see no reason to mop really. It's so nice to have a quiet Friday evening of rest instead of fights all night.

On the downside, Emily was suspended from the bus for one day for calling a boy an asshole. Since he was actually being an asshole and had just ripped her backpack, the principle was proud of her for not saying or doing anything worse and being off the bus for one day was just a token slap on the wrist. I left work a little early today and we got it out of the way today since next week will be hell week for me. Anybody want to come do my chores? I'll have to work 6 days next week and I don't see how I will have time.

Also Mom's central heat has a bad bearing- I could hear it when I pulled in the driveway today. I convinced her to call the heating and air guy that did so well for me a couple of months back and he'll be here tomorrow.

I failed at sweets today- I was feeling really angry and a little sick this morning so I had a Reece's Cup and a diet coke. I expect that will show tomorrow on my morning weigh in. Maybe I'll shove some extra exercise in tomorrow to make up for it.

I'm going to have to get used to exercising at work before I punch in- next week will not afford me any time except that one spare hour in the morning. However, I've done it once and so I can do it again. No one is in the break room that early in the morning and if someone wants to watch the cameras, oh well. It's not like I'm doing anything wrong- just a little embarrassed for anyone to watch me while I'm doing them.


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