Jan. 24th, 2011

Day 1801

Jan. 24th, 2011 10:08 pm
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This was a good weekend! 80s came out and Friday night was pizza and movie night, then we made steak and Marchand Du Vin for Saturday night and Tuscan Chicken for Sunday. He brought something to tinker on Friday and while he tinkered, I worked on my quilt and we talked... and a good time was had by all.

While we were cooking, 80s let Bitsy lick some of the sauce off his finger- and she almost took his finger off! She liked it a lot and was trying to bite and pull his finger like it was a treat he was giving her. In my defense, I did tell him not to do that....

The only down side is that we didn't get a lot of sleep- Pixel gets jealous so he fussed the entire time we were trying to sleep.

I read an article today that was very, very interesting. It pointed out that while fruits and vegetables do have a good bit of nutrition, we mostly can't digest it. The best way to get nutrients out of most vegetables is to add oil or butter to them to take advantage of the fat soluble vitamins they have. Also? One of the best foods that we can get the most out of- especially with a pat of butter- is oatmeal. Which I have every day. And the number one anti-oxidant food? Coffee.

I should have the next tree in my quilt finished by the weekend- yay! I'll post pics when it's done. I'm spending this week watching Babylon 5 and working on it.

For Groundhog day, Emily and I are going to make Groundhog cookies and maybe Groundhog Sundaes- and watch Groundhog Day, of course. I'll post the recipe and pics when we do but I got the groundhog cookie cutter today and it's beyond cute.

Speaking of cute, this was my "awww!" moment of the day:



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